Unknown Warrior May Have Been White, Shock

The bouquet of flowers carried by Meghan Markle during her wedding to Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex at ST George's Chapel , Windsor Castle, is pictured laid on the grave of the Unknown Warrior inside Westminster Abbey in London, on May 20, 2018, two days after the wedding ceremony. …

The Unknown Warrior — the nameless, unidentified body interred in London’s Westminster Abbey to represent all the soldiers killed during the Great War — was probably a white person chosen because of ‘unconscious bias.’

This, I learn from a bizarre story published in the newspapers at the weekend, is the conclusion of curator Justin Saddington at the National Army Museum in London, as part of his research for an exhibition on Warriors.

I find this puzzling: why do we need to know this? How did this story ever make it into the papers?

Let’s just briefly remind ourselves of the background.

In 1916, an army chaplain called David Railton conceived the idea of The Unknown Warrior after seeing a grave marked with a rough cross and the legend, scrawled in pencil, ‘An Unknown British Soldier’.

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Actor/Free Speech Campaigner Laurence Fox – ‘I’m Unashamedly Pro-Trump’

Actor turned politician Laurence Fox has spoken of his fervent desire that Donald Trump should win the presidential election – and of his fear that it might be sabotaged by Big Tech.

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart News about the launch of his new political party — Reclaim — and about his hopes and fears for the U.S. elections, he said:

‘The way [Big Tech] tried to bury the Hunter Biden story is terrifying.’

Fox — probably best known as DS James Hathaway in the long-running detective drama series Lewis — said:

‘I’m unashamedly pro-Trump. He’s the best stand up in the world today and he’s the leader of the free world […] Leadership is bravery and example and I think he’s got it in buckets.’

He said he was especially impressed by Trump’s fortitude and humour under attack by the left:

‘I don’t know how any man could survive what they’ve put him through. All the bullshit Russian collusion and impeachment stuff. He just seems to take it in his stride.’

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Mask Non-Compliance Is a Moral Duty

“It’s rude to stare!”, most of us were told as kids. Just how rude you only realise when you’re sitting in a near empty train carriage, minding your own business, when a man in a face mask gets on, takes his seat, swivels in your direction and fixes you with a long, long, cold, hard, death look.

Culturally we’re all so unused to this kind of behaviour that it comes as quite a shock to be on the receiving end. It’s also a bit confusing – like being subjected to physical assault but only in the form of mime. That’s why my immediate response was to mime back disbelievingly, mouthing and gesticulating the message: “Are you staring at me?”

“Yes I am staring at you. You’re not wearing a mask. Everyone else is wearing a mask. But not you. Why aren’t you wearing a mask? I don’t want to wear a mask either but I’m wearing a mask because we’ve all been told to,” he shouted – or rather mumble-yelled from being his mouth-muffler.

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Why Won’t Top Medical Journals Publish Landmark Danish Mask Study?

People wear mask on a metro train in Copenhagen shortly after midnight, on August 22, 2020, as the Danish government imposed to wear face mask or visor in public transport to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. (Photo by Olafur STEINAR GESTSSON / Ritzau Scanpix / AFP) / Denmark …

Do masks protect against Chinese coronavirus and reduce its spread — or are they, as their critics maintain, mere empty gesture politics?

A major study which might finally have answered this question has been postponed indefinitely after three of the world’s top three medical journals mysteriously declined to publish it.

Danish newspaper Berlingske reports:

The researchers behind a large and unique Danish study on the effect of wearing a mask are having great difficulty in getting their research results published. One of the participating professors in the study admits that the still secret research result could be perceived as ‘controversial’.

For weeks, the media and researchers around the world have been waiting with increasing impatience for the publication of a large Danish study on the effect – or lack thereof – of wearing a mask in a public space during the corona pandemic.

Now one of the researchers who has been involved in the study has said that the finished research result has been rejected by at least three of the world’s leading medical journals.

These include the Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine and the American Medical Association’s journal JAMA.

“They all said no,” says the Chief Physician in the Research Department at North Zealand Hospital, Professor Christian Torp-Pedersen.

However, the Professor does not wish to disclose the journals’ reasoning.

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XR Activists Doorstep David Attenborough

A cardboard cutout of David Attenborough is held up as protesters march toward parliament with Nelson's Column in the background, in London, Tuesday April 23, 2019, during a climate protest. The non-violent protest group, Extinction Rebellion, is seeking negotiations with the government on its demand to make slowing climate change …

The revolution always eats its own – as veteran eco-activist Sir David Attenborough has just discovered.

Despite his relentless pushing of the global warming scare narrative on his BBC and Netflix documentaries, Attenborough has just been doorstepped by Extinction Rebellion as punishment for not being sufficiently extreme.

Attenborough had made the mistake of criticising Extinction Rebellion’s aggressive, disruptive tactics on a TV breakfast show. XR responded by invading the 94-year old’s privacy.

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Woke Inquisition Cancel Miss Swimsuit UK for Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

suman bhaumik / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Miss Swimsuit UK has been stripped of her title after posting the message “ALL lives matter” on her Facebook page.

Jasmine Archer-Jones, 23, won the 2019 title but all traces of her victory have been erased from Miss Swimsuit UK’s website, apparently as a punishment for her wrongthink.

In a Facebook post she has since deleted — but reproduced in the Mail —  Archer-Jones wrote last month:

This is ridiculous now. It HAS to STOP.

ALL lives matter, if you look deeply into statistics, more UNARMED WHITE people DIED than BLACK last year. 19-9.

Think about that.

Yes what happened to George Floyd was wrong and unforgivable but so is what happens to many other people of different races in similar situations. Yet they don’t get to protest, loot, take over social media, create a day for their race or even raise $10.3 million in aid of the person who passed. The majority of crime and deaths regarding black people is caused by black on black crime that happens in America.

Innocent people are dying because of the riots proven by this article, innocent business are also suffering, what for?!

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Boris Johnson’s ‘Conservatives’ Are Spineless Bedwetters

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson reacts during an event to launch the United Nations' Climate Change conference, COP26, in central London on February 4, 2020. - Britain will bring forward a ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles to 2035, including hybrids, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was to …

With Britain heading towards its worst economic disaster in three centuries — ‘a severe recession the likes of which we haven’t seen’, warns the Chancellor — you might imagine that at least some backbench Conservative MPs would be asking pertinent questions about their government’s increasingly dubious-looking lockdown policy.

“Is it worth destroying thousands of businesses, millions of jobs, and the prosperity of the world’s fifth-largest economy for the sake of a disease which on current mortality rates looks no deadlier than seasonal flu?” might be a good one to start with.

Even Pakistan Is More Relaxed on Coronavirus than Britain

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks during the 74th Session of the General Assembly at UN Headquarters in New York on September 27, 2019. - India is planning a "bloodbath" in Kashmir, Khan told the UNGeneral Assembly. The Indian-controlled part of the disputed territory has been under lockdown since New …

Things we could never have predicted last year: that in 2020 basket case economies where diarrhoea is a way of life would provide a better example of governance than many Western nations.

Consider the latest news from Pakistan.

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Killing the Elderly In Care Homes to Save the NHS. Nice Work, Boris!

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he departs from Hudson Yards, in New York, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019. In a major blow to Johnson, Britain's highest court ruled Tuesday that his decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks in the crucial countdown to the country's Brexit deadline was illegal. …
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

“Kill the Oldies. Save the NHS.” Perhaps Boris Johnson should think of adopting this for his next slogan because it’s what his government has done. In fact, it’s the second most scandalous aspect of his record so far in dealing with the Chinese coronavirus.

The scandal, essentially, is this: on March 19 the UK government issued an order to the NHS quickly to clear out 15,000 patients to make way for the expected surge in patients with Covid-19. Many of these were elderly patients who had nowhere to go save care homes.  Some of these patients were already infected with coronavirus and instead of being isolated — as they should have been — they were instead sent to the very place where they were likely to do the most damage: residential homes full of people in the worst at-risk category.

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At the Anti-Lockdown Rally I Saw the Best – and Worst – of Britain

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.

That’s how it felt at the anti-lockdown rally in Hyde Park, London, yesterday, where I was threatened with a fine and arrest for the crime of doing my job. It’s also where I got to see Britain at its best – and worst.There weren’t many protestors but those who were made me proud to be British. We were a very mixed crowd, very representative of the melting pot that London has become – and definitely considerably less white and middle class than the crowd you’d find at an Extinction Rebellion rally.

I met a black working-class couple who were both bus drivers; several smartly dressed, well-spoken elderly people; an American former US diplomat and former Democrat voter; a very distressed French-sounding girl distraught that she’d been harassed by police simply for remaining in the same area for more than 45 minutes; a woman who had grown up in 70s Czechoslavakia and recognised the symptoms of Communism all too easily. There were anti-vaxxers, yes, and people who felt that all the world’s current ills could be traced back to Bill Gates, yes. But mostly this was a rally about freedom, where everyone present could not quite believe just how easily so many British people had surrendered willingly to the most flagrant assault on liberty in centuries.

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