Reason no 12867 why not to vote Tory: the NHS | James Delingpole

14th August 2009

Britain’s National Health Service is an embarrassment to the Western world and the only thing that puzzles me more than President Obama’s admiration for this creaking, archaic, quasi-Stalinist, state-health-allocation relic is our future Prime Minister Dave Cameron’s.

At least President Obama has the excuse of being a Socialist. Dave Cameron is a Conservative. Supposedly. Yet listening to the Today programme this morning as his dreary, Pooterish Health Spokesman Andrew Lansley officially and emphatically distanced himself, Cameron and the Tory party from Dan Hannan’s “negative and distorted” view of the NHS, one did yet again find oneself asking the question: “Why the **** should we vote for these Blairite pantywaists? Does any of them – Hannan excepted – have a clue what are meant by ‘Tory values’?”

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