Is Edward McMillan-Scott the Most Tedious, Annoying and Ghastly Member in the Entire Euro Parliament?

Obviously, he faces some pretty stiff competition. But I surely can’t be the only one being driven to distraction by this potato-faced turncoat’s nuts-achingly tedious appearances every other day in the Guardian or on the BBC, reminding us yet again in relentless boring detail what a man of high principle he is for having been booted out of David Cameron’s Conservatives.

Really? I’d say, au contraire, that the expulsion of McMillan-Scott from the Tory party represents possibly Cameron’s finest hour so far. Of course the creep had to go. He was the man who did most to promulgate the canard that the Tories’ European ally Michal Kaminski was an anti-Semite – a charge Ed Miliband and the left-liberal media naturally seized on with alacrity. Pity Poland’s chief Rabbi (who happens to be Jewish) had to go and ruin the story by rising to Kaminski’s defence.

There’s nothing New Labour, the BBC and the Guardian like quite so much as a Tory (or ex-Tory, they’re not picky) attacking his party from the Europhile left. Just look at the reverence with which the likes of Chris Patten, Michael Heseltine and Kenneth Clarke are treated whenever they appear on the Today programmes: in one bound, they are transformed from decreasingly relevant has-beens from the outer regions of the Tory party’s total-sell-out, bien-pensant Whig fringe into still-vitally-important and ineffably-wise grandees, guardians of the holy secret of true and righteous conservatism.

Put it this way: before this concocted anti-Semitism Euro row broke out, had you ever even heard of Edward McMillan-Scott? Me neither.

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