Climategate: Why David Cameron Is Going to Be Disastrous for Britain

Just in case you wondered why the Tories – up against the worst British government in living memory – are still doing so relatively badly in the opinion polls, David Cameron gives all the answers in today’s Guardian.

As far as he’s concerned, Climategate might never have happened. The IPCC is still wholly reliable and uncorrupt. And the 98 per cent of Express readers who believe Britain is being conned over man-made global warming theories are wrong.

He still speaks in facile soundbites which bear absolutely no relation to economic, political or scientific reality:

“The political declaration agreed at Copenhagen must not allow warming to go above 2C, it must include a proper mechanism for funding adaptation for poorest countries, and it has got to have a proper policy to protect rainforests,” Cameron said.

He’s a bully who doesn’t listen to what his party believe in or what the electorate increasingly wants:

“Faced by a mini-revolt from climate change sceptics within his own party, he said: “A very small number of people take a different view on the science, but the policy is driven by me, and that is the way it is going to be.”

(Oh, and judging by that ‘very small number of people’ line, an arrant liar too)

And this is the man who’s going to be leading our country for the next four years? Sheesh!

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