Watching the Climategate Scandal Explode Makes Me Feel Like a Proud Parent

It has been a weird, weird thing having a ringside seat at the messy unravelling of the greatest scientific scandal in the history of the world. The only experience in my life even vaguely similar was queuing outside the Wag club in the spring of 1988 watching all the straight people staring at us freaks, and thinking to myself: ‘God, just imagine how totally awesome it would be if this Acid House craze ever caught on.’

From a tiny germ of a story on a few specialist blogs, Climategate has gone über-viral in a way few of us sceptics could ever have dared hope. As I write, the name has clocked well over 30 million Google hits, which for me has been a bit like being a proud parent watching his singing, dancing little girl suddenly grow up to become Madonna — for ‘Climategate’ was sorta, kinda, partly my baby.

What happened was that on the Thursday when I picked up the story from the Watts Up With That website I noticed in the comments that someone called Bulldust had said: ‘Hmm how long before this is dubbed ClimateGate?’ I took Bulldust’s ball and ran with it using the Climategate headline in all the stories I wrote thereafter. Others subsequently came up with better monikers: Mark Steyn’s ‘Warmergate’ is cleverer and funnier. But by then it was too late. In the first week alone — with a bit of help from Drudge — my Telegraph blog had landed over 1.6 million hits. Climategate had stuck and my teeny, tiny, spear-carrying role in the history of language was assured.

Of course, the real stars of this story are two Canadians named Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick. One is a statistician, the other an economist, and if there’s one absolute certainty in this mucky, confused business it’s that McIntyre and McKitrick will one day be acclaimed as perhaps the most heroic and significant scientific double-act of our age.

Why? Because if it hadn’t been for the groundwork of these two brilliant men, humankind would now be that much closer to shelling out for the biggest and most pointless bill ever devised. Forty-five trillion dollars: that it is how much, according to one estimate by the International Energy Agency, it is going to cost us all to deal with the supposed threat of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

Some of you will know the names already. McIntyre and McKitrick exposed not once but twice the lamentable bogusness of Michael Mann’s infamous hockey stick chart. In doing so, they offered the first real proof that the process behind the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is essentially political rather than scientific and that the computer models predicting rampant AGW are, at best, unreliable.

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5 thoughts on “Watching the Climategate scandal explode makes me feel like a proud parent”

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  2. scott from australia says:18th December 2009 at 12:16 amFound your article in the spectator. you can deny it all you like but climate change is real and happening. If the science is as bunkum as you claim, there is no way govts would be negotiating an international agreement as we speak.Seriously people like you make me sick, by denying climate change you have put yourself in the same boat as big coal and oil. These sickos would rather destroy the planet than suffer a drop in profit. In time the denialists (like yourself) will be shown to be the frauds they are. And don’t think people will forget yours (and many other’s) twisted stance.

    Finally dont get too excited about climate-gate (sooooo original) as the only people who are giving this any airtime are the sociopathic sceptic groups. your are preaching to the converted mate. Thank goodness people like you are not running the place because the future would look pretty dim otherwise.

    wake up mate.

    PS. I did like your story on the Lego company though.

  3. sunny black says:18th December 2009 at 4:57 amGood on ya, Sir.Thank you for all the work you’ve done. I was a global warmist — as many of us indoctrinated into it from childhood were — up until a year ago. Then I’d come to the idea that I’m not sure and I need more information before I could say “the science was settled”. But the past few weeks have been pretty amazing and have catalyzed my brute transformation into an out and out AGW-denier-hater, whatever you want to call it. Thanks to you, and I’ve even learned some things in the process.

    Sorry, my liberal friends in Europe, I still love ya’: but this junk is all about wealth redistribution from my perspective and it’s a fraud. (anyone still want to buy me a guiness..? *crickets*).

  4. PhilBest says:23rd December 2009 at 11:20 pmScott from Australia, you don’t need anybody to MAKE you sick.James Delingpole is one of the new breed of journalist that needs to advance to the front of the ranks in place of the lazy sell-outs that disgrace the “public watchdog” profession today with their slumbering and slavering to Al Gore, Inc.

    I was arguing on blogs years ago, against the standard AGW argument that great scientists who are “deniers”, like Ian Plimer, are a fringe minority. That is all just part of the sheer scale of this problem, which is the leftwing media defining the argument.

    Anyone who looked into this for themselves right from the start, knew that it is the IPCC/Hadley Centre/GISS cabal who are the minority. Their advantage always has been, the government funding and the media on their side. Al Gore and his circle of friends, especially in the media, are the epicentre of this.

    Senator James Inhofe spent years putting up on his website, arguments from HUNDREDS of highly credentialled and distinguished scientists. Then there is the OISM petition that reached 31,000 signatures.

    The IPCC Reports represented “2,500 scientists”????? What happened was they circulated the drafts among 2,500 scientists, only 308 of whom actually reviewed the Climate Science chapter anyway; and ignored any protests that were raised by any of them. As one of them said way back in 1996, “I have never witnessed such a disturbing corruption of the scientific peer review process”.

    People who were at all aware of either of the medieval warm period, or of air and water thermodynamics; smelled a huge rat right from the start. The entire AGW thesis is so absurd as to require the knowing creation of falsehoods by a clique of political agents who happen to possess credentials they can abuse to that end, who were appointed to crucial positions of authorship early on, by Al Gore, James Hansen, Maurice Strong, and Bert Bolin. All paragons of virtue and impartiality, yeah right.

    The crucial positions of Lead Authors of climate science chapters of the IPCC Report, actually number only 36 people. Some of these people happen to have been mere STUDENTS of Professors who are in the Michael Mann cabal, so carefully the selections needed to take place to exclude possible spoilers.

    The “reviewers” however, were appointed by governments all around the world, on the basis of credentials and distinction at the time, in the early 1990’s. This is why we have ended up with governments severely embarrassed by the reviewers they appointed themselves, speaking out or attempting to speak out. Again, the media are deeply culpable for having denied these people any public say. This goes for NZ’s Reviewers, who include Vincent Gray and others, who are never referred to as IPCC Reviewers by the media; only as fringe deniers, if they are referred to at all. Imagine for yourself how these decent and honourable people have been feeling – they must feel like walking around the streets screaming.

    Without media enabling, this whole thing would NEVER have gone anywhere. I don’t know what it will take to break these bastards playing God with what the public is allowed to know or not.

    It is well past time for decent people to stop mincing words and fannying around being polite about the civilisational treason that is being committed against all of us.

    If you want references, here is what I was saying long ago, was a required reading list. Many of these scientists and authors are now saying “at last, it took Climategate for people to wake up to what was actually clear to us all along”.

    John McLean: “Peer Review? What Peer Review?”

    US Senate Minority Report: “More than 650 International Scientists Dissent over man-made global warming claims”

    Edward J. Wegman et al: “Ad Hoc Committee Report (To the US Senate Committee on Energy and Commerce and the US Senate Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations) on the Hockey Stick Global Climate Reconstruction” (THIS IS SHOCKING READING)

    Vincent Gray: “Spinning the Climate”

    S. Fred Singer et al: “Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate”

    Jack Welch: “NIWA Scientists have become propagandists”

    Brian Sussman: “James Hansen: Abusing the Public Trust”

    Tim Ball: GLOBAL WARMING SERIES (Excellent – best of their type yet)
    Part 1: Environmental Extremism
    Part 2: Historical and philosophical context of the climate change debate.
    Part 3: How the world was misled about global warming and now climate change
    Part 4: How UN structures were designed to prove human CO2 was causing global warming
    Part 5: Wreaking Havoc on Global Economies
    Part 6: The Hockey Stick scam that heightened global warming hysteria
    Part 7: The Unholy Alliance that manufactured Global Warming
    Part 8: UN’s IPCC preying on people’s ignorance
    Part 9: Carbon Taxes: Hand over your money! “We are saving you from yourself”
    Part 10: Environmentalists Seize Green Moral High Ground Ignoring Science
    Part 11: Maurice Strong Politics 101

    And believe me, there is lots, lots more. I’ve restricted the above to the bare minimum people need to get a handle on the problem. One problem is that so much of this counter argument is disconnected and fragmentary; there is probably no one book or essay that covers all the angles.

    One thing James Delingpole actually does not seem to have caught up on yet, is the Google hits manipulation scandal. He says 31 million hits. But it was nearly that high 3 weeks ago, only to mysteriously drop to below 20 million, while Yahoo has gone up to over 50 million. “Bing” apparently went to 50 million 2 weeks ago, only to even more mysteriously drop back to below 10 million.

    I won’t post links in case this blog doesn’t like them. Check out the online articles “Googlegate” by Harold Ambler and “Google Carrying Out More Purges Than Stalin” by Kathy Shaidle.

    Keep up the service to humanity, James.

  5. PhilBest says:23rd December 2009 at 11:22 pmJust in case the moderator doesn’t get that far with my previous comment, the last couple of paragraphs are extremely important for James:One thing James Delingpole actually does not seem to have caught up on yet, is the Google hits manipulation scandal. He says 31 million hits. But it was nearly that high 3 weeks ago, only to mysteriously drop to below 20 million, while Yahoo has gone up to over 50 million. “Bing” apparently went to 50 million 2 weeks ago, only to even more mysteriously drop back to below 10 million.

    I won’t post links in case this blog doesn’t like them. Check out the online articles “Googlegate” by Harold Ambler and “Google Carrying Out More Purges Than Stalin” by Kathy Shaidle.

    (And sorry, moderator please note, I think I entered my email address wrong the first time)

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