The Disgusting Toffs Who Are Destroying Britain

Whenever I am defending toffs one of the main points I like to make is what great conservators they are. Because they have owned vast swathes of Britain, often for many generations, they understand the importance of their role as trustees of the landscape. Certainly, this coincides with their hobbies – hedges and stone walls rather than barbed wire because you don’t want your mount’s belly ripped open while you’re hunting; copses for covert while shooting, and so on – but nonetheless I do think our landowning classes have generally had a deep understanding of what makes the British country the most beautiful on earth, and by and large have done a great deal to keep it that way.

Until wind farms came along, that is.

In the Sunday Times, Jonathan Leake – one of the few journalists in the MSM and very probably the only one who is an environmental correspondent to have ventured any serious criticism of the great AGW scam – has named some of the wealthy landowners who are on the verge of becoming even more disgustingly rich by allowing their land to be carpeted with wind farms.

Among the biggest potential beneficiaries is the Duke of Roxburghe, whose planned 48-turbine scheme on his Scottish estate would generate an estimated £30m a year, shared with developers. About £17m of this would come from subsidies from consumers.

Others seeking to capitalise on the new wind rush include the Duke of Beaufort, Sir Reginald Sheffield, father of Samantha Cameron, and Michael Ancram, the Tory grandee.

Perhaps there was a time, in the early days of wind farms, when these men could have pleaded ignorance of just how evil and useless wind farms are. Not any more. So much strong evidence has now emerged of the damage wind farms do to bird life and to the natural beauty of the landscape, in return for no real benefit to anyone except heavily-subsidised wind-farm-owners, that the only way anyone could possibly ignore it is to stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes and go: “Nyah nyah nyah. Don’t care. My estate manager tells me it’s going to make me pots and pots of lovely dosh, so bugger the peasants who have their views ruined and the little people who have to pay for my lovely holidays in Mustique with their increased eco-taxes and inflated electricity bills.”

Sam Cam’s dad too, eh? I’m not normally the class war type. But stories like this make me so sick I begin to wonder whether we shouldn’t start sharpening our guillotines.

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