Lefties Have Got away with Feeling Superior for Too Long — Let the Fightback Begin

July 18, 2010

I was at a debate at the Institute of Economic Affairs last week when the speaker next to me — a preening, prickly chap with a moustache and hugely self-important manner — took it upon himself to apprise the assembled throng of the most extraordinary fact: apparently, James Delingpole is nowhere near as good at delivering Ronald Reagan quotes as Ronald Reagan was.

‘As I can testify from experience,’ he added, impressively, ‘having heard Reagan speak on several occasions.’

‘Gosh!’ I thought to myself. And again ‘Gosh!’ I’m often taken aback when complete strangers decide to have a go at me personally in debates.

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10 thoughts on “Lefties have got away with feeling superior for too long — let the fightback begin”

  1. Eric Smith says:18th July 2010 at 2:34 pmDelingpoleYou are starting to sound like Alan Bastard’s rude father. Worse, you are degenerating into the British Anne Coultard and that, in my opinion is exactly what we don’t need. The reason the welfare state still exists post Mandelson and Thatcher is to facilitate the accelerating transfer of wealth from poor to rich without the rich being murdered in their beds. Layers of bureaucracy are actually a form of protection for big business (from start ups).

    It is ironic that your public school sparring partner, George Monbiot is probably miles to the right of you. He is an extreme right wing statist, you are an extreme right wing libertarian. It is also ironic that global warming / carbon trading is a gigantic corporate operation, initiated by Enron that you oppose and he supports.


  2. James W says:19th July 2010 at 4:02 amThe fundamental reasons why I hate the left are two-fold;1. as you say, they assume moral authority from the fact that historically they supported the poor, the exploited, the sick and the disenfranchised………..who with a heart would not have supported Labour’s main ideals 1918 to 1950?

    Labour’s problems – particularly from 1990 onwards stem from the fact that there is no longer any oppression and poverty in Britain………everyone has the vote, everyone gets the calories they need (the blue collar classes are largely obese), everyone has access to education, healthcare, everyone has warm homes, television, mobile telephones, internet access and foreign holidays……….there is equality in the dynamics of employment and discrimination on the grounds of gender, race and sexuality has been outlawed and there is a massive level of social protection…….the question of rights and prosperity are thus relative.

    Thus, Labour have a huge problem in defining their purpose – they have none as the socialist agenda has been achieved in full. Basically Labour is all dressed-up and has nowhere to go.

    Which brings me on to the second reason I loath the left.

    2. their propaganda machine stifles truth, individual freedom and peoples’ opportunities to make progress.

    Labour is facistic in nature – the individual must place all his/her trust, faith and adoration – not to mention money – at the feet of the party elite and swallow the shibboleths of the Labour creed……..the class war…….greed and a lack of concern go hand-in-hand with capitalism…..Labour is the only party that cares…..is the only party with moral authority… and is the only party that never EVER makes mistakes – and if they do, they should be forgiven because they were made with the best of intentions.

    Absolute loyalty is expected…….and that means putting the state’s needs before those of the individual…….and because the beatific ends always justify the means the party will trash any opposition with ruthlessness and if necessary brutality – onward socialist soldiers!

    Faced with a culture that does not comply – why, they will dilute it, denigrate it, destroy it and build a new one more to their own liking.

    Of course the party elite are not bound by any of the rules and principles that they impose on the plebs – they are free to accumulate wealth, advantages and accolades and of course perpetuate their influence by nepotism.

    The Left is bankrupt, both morally and spiritually……..there time has been and gone, they need to wither and die.

    The Gillian Duffys of Britain have been ripped off big-time – Boxer has retired to his field to find it is surrounded by a massive steel fence patrolled by compliant thugs and vicious dogs, but there is no grass in it and half of the field has been ear-marked for a shiny new school and community centre.

  3. John of Kent says:19th July 2010 at 10:52 am“James W says:
    July 19, 2010 at 4:02 amThe fundamental reasons why I hate the left are two-fold; -snip-”

    I agree with everything you posted! very sensible and insightful analysis as to why labour serves no purpose anymore. Actually, you missed one huge point, under the Bureacratic dictatorship that is the EU, no political party in the UK now serves any purpose. Except, maybe UKIP.

  4. James W says:20th July 2010 at 9:28 amJohn of KentUKIP are mostly nutters though aren’t they? Saying that I did give Farage £50 to help him beat that little twat Bercow – not that it did much good.

    The main point is why will Cameron – apparently so keen on the plebiscite on matters of constitutional importance – not hold a referendum on EU membership?

    After all what is the point of voting on how a sovereign government is to be elected if the elected government has no sovereignty over which to govern?………….If you get my drift.

  5. Alec Y says:20th July 2010 at 7:59 pmThere is no point to any other party except UKIP. Yes exactly, the trouble is getting the message across to the masses. What annoys me are people like Dan Hannan who pretend to be eurosceptic yet remain in the Tory party.
  6. John of Kent says:21st July 2010 at 9:41 amI don’t think UKIP are nutters! BNP yes, but UKIP no. Read their policies on their site- very sensible stuff.I would say the three main parties are suffering under a massive delusion for swallowing the AGW scam hook line and sinker. Therefore the Con-Dems and the Labs are the nutters! And it is a sign of insanity – not standing up to the Eurocratic dictatorship that rules our lives.

    It is insane to want to stay un the EU and to follow all the lunatic carbon reduction policies when there is no need to reduce carbon emmissions. I would therefore say that the UKIP are perhaps the only sane party!

    You are right though, our elected government has no power as it has all gone to the EU, they merely pass EU dictates. And the EU is not democratic.

    Therefore, from your own argument, to preserve democracy the only sane vote has to be for the party who would get us out of the EU.

  7. James W says:21st July 2010 at 2:39 pmJoK,What you say is right. However, the fact remains that UKIP members are most certainly not full plates of chips.

    Look at their leaders…………Kilroy-Silk for a start, then Farage nearly goes and kills himself in some ham-fisted stunt.

    Hannan is a very smart bloke…….the rest are just talkative blokes from the golf club……and they cost the Tories the election……….or I suppose you could say Cameron’s refusal on the EU vote did.


    I’d say that they need to enter coalition with the Con-Dems………absolutely anything to keep the left out.

  8. John of Kent says:22nd July 2010 at 2:05 pm” 6.I’d say that they need to enter coalition with the Con-Dems………absolutely anything to keep the left out.

    I agree with that, but don’t believe everything you read in the (mostly liberal-lefty) media that you read about UKIP. Kilroy silk left the party years ago and Farage’s accident was, well just an accident as far as I am concerned. The media do anything they can to smear UKIP.

    Where the Tories have gone wrong is they need to adopt UKIP policies. I did not vote for the Tories because their policies were weak! I will not vote for a party that adheres to the Anthropogenic Global warming/ climate change theory.

    UKIP speak out against both the EU and AGW. If the Tories had the UKIP policies, I would vote fot them, however they have sickeningly positioned themselves just slightly to the right of the Lib Dems, hence the “Con-Dems” alliance. I have little faith in this government, on the things that matter I don’t see them being any better than labour! ;-(

  9. SamG says:23rd July 2010 at 1:11 pmA completely unrelated pointThe left in Oz


    Over 95% above-the-line voters will give legislative power away because of their acquiescence to personality politics.

  10. Mike Paterson says:27th July 2010 at 10:42 pmJames, you don’t blog frequently enough. Maybe you’re on your summer hol.

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