Is Prince Charles ill-advised, or merely idiotic? | James Delingpole

July 29, 2010

I do wish the Prince of Wales weren’t such a terrible prat because then I wouldn’t have to say it in print and quite ruin my chances of a knighthood. But he is a prat. A dangerous prat at that — as he reminded us yet again just the other day in a speech he gave to ‘business leaders’ at St James’s Palace about what he thinks is happening with ‘climate change’.

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2 thoughts on “Is Prince Charles ill-advised, or merely idiotic?”

  1. yaosxx says:30th July 2010 at 1:54 pmI’d say both! Thought this was amusing and very well written James!
  2. david w t milanes says:1st August 2010 at 3:19 pmIt is rude ill mannered of you and vile to attack Prince Charles in this way. He is earnestly trying to do good and trying to send a message to humanity or those that will listen to respect the planet to cherish nature.He wants us to pass on a world that is worth your children living in, a world where nature flourishes where man is not so dominant that he destroys everything. Just imagine how beautiful this country was in the time of John Clare. Not everthing was right but try to imagine what has been lost and then you might in a small way understand why Prince Charles cares as much as he does. Please tell what good you have done in this world that bears comparison with what he has done?

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