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December 22nd, 2010

Right now I’m thinking positive thoughts about all the suffering, expense, disruption, misery, hardship, illness and death brought about by this godawful winter, because what I’m thinking is this: never before will there have been quite such an intense and widespread outburst of public fury at what is being done to our economy, our country, our public services and our freedoms in the name of “combatting global warming.”
As Kenneth Minogue argues rather more elegantly in The Servile Mind, (H/T Phaesi) it’s bloody amazing how much rubbish people will put up with without complaint, let alone revolt. Let us pray God that this winter – the third shocker in a row – will finally jerk those who have hitherto remained compliant out of their bovine complacency. And I don’t mean just in Britain. I mean every free country whose citizens’ liberty has been trampled underfoot as the result of the lies and distortions of the eco-fascist movement.
England Expects offered an amusing example of this yesterday, in his story about the fury of European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas – the man responsible for EU transport – who was one of several Eurocrats unable to get home for the holidays because Brussels airport was closed. Yet just a month earlier, England Expects gleefully noted, had presented Brussels airport with a special commendation for its ‘commitment to reducing future carbon emissions.’
At a ceremony held in the departure hall of the airport, Vice-President Kallas presented Mr Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport, with a certificate marking its progress under an industry-led carbon accreditation scheme.
Kallas went on to say:
“Sustainability is not an ‘optional extra’ in transport policy. It has to come as standard.” He congratulated ACI Europe on the success of its Airport Carbon Accreditation Scheme, and welcomed the progress made by Brussels Airport in reducing on a voluntary basis to reduce its carbon emissions over time.
This isn’t a new thing. It has been going on for years, since at least the 1992 Rio Earth Summit when Maurice Strong laid down the ground rulesfor the eco-fascist takeover of the world. It’s bit like that classic 2000AD “Future Shocks” story where the aliens that have invaded our planet unbeknownst to us turn out to be those innocuous-looking wire coat hangers we have in our cupboards. The battle for our freedom is already all but lost – and the stupid thing is, most of us didn’t even know we were fighting one.
So now – not in some imagined, paranoid fantasist’s future, but NOW – we live in a world where an airport is encouraged to place a higher priority on reducing its notional production of a harmless trace gas than it does in making provision for aeroplanes to be able to take off and land in inclement weather.
And NOW, not in the future, we live in a world where our government’s winter transport policy is based not on hard science and rationalism but on the heavily politicised, embarrassingly unreliable forecasts of a once-proud organisation – the Met Office – which now behaves more like a propaganda outlet for the man-made global warming movement. No wonder the Global Warming Policy Foundation is calling for a full independent inquiry.
The Met’s blunder follows similar cockups last year and the year before. In February, Met Office scientist Peter Stott declared that 2009 was an anomaly, and that milder and wetter winters were now — for sure — to be expected. He suggested that exceptionally cold British winters such as the one that occurred in 1962-63 were now expected to occur “about once every 1,000 years or more, compared with approximately every 100 to 200 years before 1850.” Now, the Met Office is admitting that the current December may be the coldest in Britain in the past 100 years.
No doubt the warmist crowd will be quick to express outrage at this blatant confusion of global climate with local weather, but that won’t wash. The Met makes its short-term forecasts on the basis of the same brand of massive computer power and Rube Goldberg modelling used to project the global climate. The suggestion that forecasting the climate is easier than forecasting the weather comes into the same category as acknowledging that governments couldn’t run a lemonade stand, but then believing that they can “manage” an economy.
The Bishop has more detailed thoughts on this, focussing on the advice the Met Office gave to David Quarmby’s “winter resilience review”, as commissioned by Transport Minister Philip Hammond.
Here are the killer paragraphs:
12.14 For the purpose of this report, the following summarises what we understand:
  • The probability of the next winter being severe is virtually unrelated to the fact of just having experienced two severe winters, and is still about 1 in 20.
  • The effect of climate change is to gradually but steadily reduce the probability of severe winters in the UK.
  • However, when severe winters come, they could still be extreme – in terms of snowfall, wind and storms, though not necessarily in relation to temperature.
12.17 But we need to understand and accept that the chance of a severe winter is still relatively small and that there will be many years when some will question the degree of resources committed to winter resilience.
12.15 An important consequence of the declining occurrence of severe winters is the loss of knowledge and experience among planning and technical staff in local highway authorities and their contractors, especially if the severe winters which do occur have more extreme snow events.
12.16 All this, in our view, reinforces the need for comprehensive resilience planning, and for ensuring that the salt supply chain is resilient.
In other words, the Met Office remains so ideologically wedded to Man Made Global Warming that it refuses to be dissuaded even in the face of three consecutive severe winters which, by its own calculations, ought to have been almost impossible (8,000 to 1 against: H/T scientistfortruth).
Heads are going to roll for this, they’ll have to. But however many heads do roll it won’t be enough. Always remember this: the Warmist faith so fervently held and promulgated by the Met Office is exactly the same faith so passionately, unswervingly followed by David Cameron, Chris Huhne, Greg Barker, the Coalition’s energy spokesman in the Lords Lord Marland, and all but five members of the last parliament. And also by the BBC, the Prince of Wales, almost every national newspaper, the European Union, the Royal Society, the New York Times, CNBC, the Obama administration, the Australian and New Zealand governments, your children’s schools, our major universities, our minor universities, the University of East Anglia, your local council….
Truly there just aren’t enough bullets!
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