Churchill’s conservatives are, ‘like, total Nazis’, says Dr Goebbels | James Delingpole

June 21, 2011

Herr Ubergronwindfarmwirtschaftsselbstmordfuhrer Huhne, yesterday

Herr Ubergronwindfarmwirtschaftsselbstmordfuhrer Huhne, yesterday

Winston Churchill and his fellow Conservatives are “like, a bunch of total Nazis”, Germany’s Reich Minister of Propaganda told a conference yesterday.

“All we’re trying to do is make Europe (and those parts of the Soviet Union and anywhere else in the world we overrun) the Greenest Continent Ever. And what’s that fascist Nazi Churchill trying to do? Why only to derail our plans at every turn with his obsessive right-wing fixation with liberty and economic freedom and sovereignty and not killing people who disagree with you. That man’s a zealot, I tell you. A total zealot. Does he not care a damn about all the polar bears that would have been saved, all the fractions of a degree which would have been shaved off global climate change, all the green jobs which would gave been created, if only he hadn’t been so foolish as to resist the Fuhrer’s plans to turn Continental Europe Plus into a Green Eco Haven (TM) with wind farms on every corner, Atomkraft Nein Danke Kombis on every Autobahn and death penalties for anyone who fails to recycle?”, asked an incredulous Dr Joseph Goebbels.

However, a spokesman for Churchill’s Coalition government said: “Look, if anyone’s a Nazi round here it’s got to be Goebbels. His party is actually called the Nazi party. Anyway, he’s got some bloody cheek poking his head above the parapet and saying this stuff so soon after allegedly lying to the Gestapo about that driving offence. That Goebbels is giving the Nazis a bad name and if I were Herr Hitler I’d kick him out of his cabinet right away.”

Sources close to Herr Goebbels said he wasn’t remotely bovvered about being counter-called a Nazi. “Because that’s like, Godwin’s Law, isn’t it?” said the spokesman. “And if someone uses Godwin’s law against you it doesn’t count because even if you are a Nazi you just mention ‘Godwin’s Law’ and suddenly the accusation no longer carries any weight. Or at least that’s what I read on Tvitter or at Komment Macht Frei or somewhere.”

This blog post wishes to apologise in advance for any impression it may inadvertently have given that it considers David Cameron to be in any way a Churchillian figure. Obviously were the analogy to work properly he would have been cast in a role more akin to Lord Halifax, Lord Haw Haw, someone of that nature….

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