20 Reasons Why Britain Is Great

24th September 2011

AS a new campaign begins to promote the UK… 20 reasons why Britain is Great:

Our weather

No, not the weather itself, obviously. Our weather’s rubbish. But it also happens to be one of the main things that has made us great. Its changeability has made us adaptable, its cold misery has made us stoical, its remarkable ability to confound all forecasts has given us a wonderful sense of humour…

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One thought on “20 Reasons Why Britain is Great”

  1. D. Phillips says:24th September 2011 at 10:49 pmYour weather is “rubbish”? The humidity and general mildness of Britain’s and middle Europe’s weather is what has made those places the most densely populated area of the Earth for most of recorded history. To find anything like it in North America you have to go to the Pacific Northwest and south-western British Columbia- and those places are absolute magnets for people trying to escape the extremes of the North American climate. A bit of rising damp is better than heat stroke, or hypothermia, any day. But I agree with your general thesis; Britain is blessed among nations, and those of us who are your heirs should be leery of chucking that heritage for a leftist pig-in-a-poke. I have to point out a big irony here- that it is your material and cultural wealth that has produced your biggest problem; a hyper-active left-wing subculture. The left is to wealth what flies are to barnyards.

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