An idle question, a deadly bite and 60 years of memories | James Delingpole

July 10, 2012

We’re just saying our farewells to the Post Office Hotel in Chillagoe, in the outback of Far North Queensland, and I’m telling Dorothy ­Lawler, the hotel’s 70-year-old part-time cook, that the coleslaw she made with the steaks we had the other night was the crunchiest and most delicious I’d ever eaten. (It’s a great place, Chillagoe. Go there!)

Dorothy says she’s off tomorrow to visit her 103-year-old mother for Mother’s Day. ‘Wow, that’s amazing. How many great-grandchildren does she have?’ I ask. Dorothy tries working it out by counting the number of brothers and sisters she has and what became of them: ‘…and there was Alan. He died of snakebite. Then there’s….’ ‘Wait. Alan died of snakebite? How old was he?’ ‘Fifteen,’ says Dorothy.

It happened in 1951…

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  1. Bernard Otway says:11th July 2012 at 12:23 pmJames,
    I recommend you watch episode 2 of Volcanoes from Tuesday 10th July, last night BBC2.
    Professor Ian Stewart says out of his own mouth how VITAL is the production of CO2 by
    volcanoes AND with NO CAVEAT about Climate change or whatever,please write about it
    before BBC realise what he said and somehow remove or censor the words,which to me are an
    endorsement for CO2 and the fact that all volcanoes produce it,and there are at least 20 active
    at any one time worldwide.

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