Remember Manchester. The Liberal Establishment Would Rather You Didn’t…

Look at the faces of the dead or missing children from the Manchester suicide bombing. Think about how their friends and families are feeling right now; imagine the terror and pain those around them must have experienced as they fled or lay wounded amid the glass, shrapnel, blood and faeces; mourn the young lives cut so callously short.

Do all these things now, while you can, while the emotion is still raw, because in a few days those innocents will be forgotten (except by the loved ones whose happiness will, of course, remain permanently blighted), the politicians will have said their usual stuff and the media circus will have moved on.

Make no mistake this is what the head-in-the-sand liberal establishment wants you to do.

It may not be official policy – no one would be crass enough to write it down or codify it. But across the world from San Bernardino to Mumbai, from Stockholm to Berlin, from Paris to Manchester, the modus operandi is the same: a swift burst of shock and outrage, very quickly dampened down by the regulation-issue  call to “get on with life and thank the nurses”, a candle-lit vigil and an almost indecently hasty memorial service, followed by virtual oblivion.

I talked about this recently to Douglas Murray (guest of my next podcast) whose new bestseller The Strange Death of Europe asks, among other questions, how it is that we have come to value Western culture so lightly that we are now apparently prepared to allow it to be swamped and obliterated by the combined forces of mass immigration and militant Islam.

Murray’s view is that it’s because we don’t want to face up to the horror that, even now, is engulfing us.

If we can scrub away those pesky bloodstains ASAP and get the memorial services over with (in the case of the victims of Westminster terrorist Khaled Massood before their bodies were buried) then maybe all the horrid stuff we don’t want to deal with will somehow disappear.

So on we shall continue in our fool’s paradise like the Eloi – the fragile, graceful, proto-hippy folk in HG Wells’s The Time Machine. They live a life of (delusional) ease, peace and beauty. But the terrible price they pay for this is to be devoured, at intervals, by the savage and barbaric Morlocks.

This is how it will end: not with a whimper but an endless succession of bangs.


  • stickywicket

    Remember Karl Popper’s paradox of tolerance. We now need a little intolerance to preserve what we most treasure

  • The Shambolic Skeptic

    It’s impossible to kill an idea James. You know that full well. What else are the politicos to say, but stay alert and carry on?

    The west continues to kill as many barbarians as possible on their battlefield, but doubtless a few will slip through the net attack us on our soil. We kill far more of theirs than they kill of ours and yet the low-grade war continues. But like mowing the grass it will always grow back.

    • Arnie Saccnuson

      They say, we have virtually removed all your civil liberties and your rights to freedom of speech, we have the entire population under mass surveillance to the point where our security services are drowning in a sea of data yet an experienced bomb maker has been able to deploy a suicide belt( it appears) and we know these people don’t blow up the bomb makers so expect another mass casualty situation pretty soon unless we are very very lucky.
      It appears that yet again our multicultural society has produced a local community that has so far produced two promising young girls who leave the UK and join ISIS and that same community has now produced a foot soldier suicide bomber and we think that there is most likely a problem within that community(ghetto) and there are quite a few similar locations(ghettos) around the country and we are now going to start talking honestly about radical Islam and we will not be afraid to point the finger of blame at the offending communities and radical elements of that religion.

  • F.A.B – 1689

    I was struck terribly in work today that no-one in my immediate office mentioned the atrocity. How could this not be worthy of comment? Is it fear of offence? Preferring to ignore it in the hope it will go away? By 2pm I thought I should make an acknowledgement out of respect for my fellow citizens so brutally slain. My interjection was met with “er, well… know….”awkwardness until someone broke the stunned silence deciding to speak about their weekend plans. May the Lord have mercy on us…this country is screwed. Where is the righteous indignation and a cry for justice?

  • I always fancied myself as more of a Morlock to be honest

  • Temporary ID

    The tranzi class is sustained by victim-ignoring.

    (Tranzi = )

  • Saint Nigel Farage

    the leftards have moved on to virtue signal on another community calamity taking their justgiving page and thoughts with them