Prince Harry Moans Younger Royals Don’t Want to Be Monarchs…

They should follow the lead of the Queen who always puts the job and country first. These entitled younger royals could learn from her Majesty, 91, attended 332 official engagements last year.

PRINCE HARRY says that no younger member of his family wants to be king or queen. My heart bleeds.

God knows it can’t be easy living in a palace and having all the world’s hottest models chasing you while you drink vintage Krug till the small hours in the VIP zone of nightclubs. Or taking holiday after holiday from Canada to Las Vegas and breezing through security.

The Royals
The Royals mocked up as telly layabouts The Royle Family
The real Royles
BBC: The real Royles: Jim and the gang from the hit TV sitcom

Nor does 32-year-old Harry ever have to worry about ­getting a foothold on the ­property ladder, sorting out a pension, how he could afford to care for elderly relatives or find the right school for his children.

If being born into a life of luxury, extreme privilege and wealth in the world’s premier royal family were our unfortunate lot, I think most of us might be able to cope without ­blubbing every few days about just how hideously unlucky we’d been.

Read the rest in the Sun.

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