Can’t Handle the Truth: Actor Quits ‘Anti-Environmental’ Chevron Drama


An actor has pulled out of a true-life drama taken from verbatim transcripts of an $80 billion lawsuit launched against Chevron oil: he didn’t like the play’s anti-environmentalist message.

Phelim McAleer’s play, The $18-Billion Prize, opens on Saturday at the Phoenix Theater in San Francisco. But it will have to go ahead without the actor originally slated to play one of the villains of the piece, New York City attorney Steven Donziger.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Sources who are close to the actor have informed me that an actor who was playing the part of a New York City attorney named Steven Donziger stormed off the set after the second rehearsal.

Apparently, the actor had difficultly performing the part because it cast the environmental movement in a negative light, the sources say.

The drama shows how Donziger colluded with environmental activists in an ambitious scheme to shake down Chevron oil for billions of dollars as compensation for the environmental damage it had supposedly caused during drilling in Ecuador. Donziger personally stood to make $600 million from this arrangement.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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