If only the Cabinet was more like the England players

ENGLAND face Croatia tonight and though I don’t know much about football there’s one thing I can say for sure: if we play this game anything like Theresa May’s Cabinet plays Brexit, we’re going to lose big time.

May’s Cabinet in Brexit discussions

If only May’s Cabinet possessed a few or indeed any of those qualities we might not be in such a dire state with regard to Brexit.

All that joy and optimism we’ve been feeling about England’s performance has been cruelly tempered by having to live under a Government so hopeless and craven and insecure it can’t even deliver on the biggest mandate in British history: the vote to leave the European Union.

The rot starts at the top. Team manager May seems to combine the aimlessness and poor decision making of, say, a Steve McClaren, with the dogged intransigence and ruthlessness you find in countries such as North Korea or Gadaffi’s Libya when players fail to perform.

Just when it seems May can’t mess it up any more badly she comes with something like last weekend’s Chequers fiasco.

That moment when she strongarmed the Cabinet into agreeing a Brexit negotiating position which Boris Johnson rightly described as a “turd” was the absolute nadir for me – when all hopes of a full Brexit faded.

In fact, it gave me the same feeling I got just after an England player called Southgate (whatever became of him, anyone know?) had fluffed his penalty in the Euro 1996 semifinal.

Or when Maradona knocked us out of the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals as a result of that wretchedly dodgy (where’s VAR when you need it, eh?) “hand of God” goal.

Read the rest in the Express.

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