Donald Trump Has Broken the Climate Spell

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

“Donald Trump has broken the climate spell,” says a must-readarticle by Rupert Darwall. [Rather surprisingly, it’s in the NeverTrump Weekly Standard].

He’s right. And it’s an apt metaphor, too. For decades, it’s as if the entire civilized world has been under the grip of a malign spell cast by an evil green wizard.

This evil green wizard is a shape-shifter who has taken many forms – sometimes, adopting the blubbery physique of Al Gore or the wizened, yoga-loving, soft-porn-writing frame of railway engineer Rajendra Pachauri; sometimes that of the moustachioed Canadian Marxist Maurice Strong; sometimes that of the hollow orator Barack Obama, or the comedy data-manipulator and faux-Nobel-Prizewinner Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann…

All these characters are just different facets of the same problem though: the suicide mission – devised by a handful of influential zealots and enthusiastically embraced by far too many politicians, academics, celebrities, lawyers, corporatists, scientists, apparatchiks and journalists – to make the global economy “transition” from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

What makes Trump so remarkable is that he is the first political leader of consequence to stand up against this seemingly unstoppable tide.

Read the rest at Breitbart.

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