James Delingpole & the Rise of the Phoenix

The old Delingpole podcast has ended–but I’M BACK! Like the Phoenix, I have risen from the ashes, more golden, more sharp beaked and magnificent than ever before. Already you can find the new Delingpods in many places:

iTunes | PodBean  | Youtube | And of course, here on Delingpoleworld.

However, this Phoenix needs food. It takes PayPal; it takes Patreon donations (after what happened to Sargon, you might want to consider Subscribestar instead.). And, being an old fashioned sort, it still believes in Bitcoin. With this fuel, the phoenix can continue to fly. And there’s all manner of fun we can have together. There will be merchandise. A club. Live events. Special badges for special friends. Meanwhile, here are various means by which you can feed the Phoenix:

PayPal | Patreon | Subscribestar | and finally, Bitcoin (see the button below this post).

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