Boris Johnson and the Green Death

Leon Neal/Getty Images

In the days before Doctor Who got woke and went broke, there was a famous storyline in which the Doctor faced gigantic maggots spewing deadly radioactive green slime. Just like George Monbiot, the maggots lived in Wales.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson would almost certainly have watched this terrifying serial (starring Jon Pertwee) — Doctor Who and the Green Death — as a child.

But little can young Bozza have realised that when he grew up he would have to face this horror for real. Not giant maggots, exactly, but something no less creepy and wriggly and relentless — the pullulating creatures of the Climate Industrial Complex, hungry for world domination.

Here, for example, is Lord ‘Trougher’ Deben of the Climate Change Committee, urging in an open letter to the Prime Minister that yet more taxpayer billions need to be spunked up against the wall to deal with the non-existent problem of “climate change”.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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