Dodgy Disgraced Deben Is Coming for Your Gas Cooker

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How would you feel if some dodgy geezer smelling of mung bean fart, green sanctimony and greasy banknotes in a brown envelope came round to your house and told you that you’d have to get rid of your gas cooker because “climate change”?

Probably the first thing you’d do is tell him where to shove it: “I like my gas hob. It gives me better heat control than electric and it’s also more versatile. Plus, for your information Mister, I’ve yet to see any evidence that ‘climate change’ constitutes any kind of threat, nor that stopping me from using my gas cooker would make any difference either way.”

Then, once you’d discovered that his name was Lord Deben, you’d set the dog on him.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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