There Will Never Be Brexit While Theresa May Is Prime Minister


To save Brexit, Theresa May must resign as Prime Minister. To save the Conservative party, Theresa May must resign as Prime Minister.

To save Britain, Theresa May must resign as Prime Minister.

Everyone understands this. It’s the simple solution to all our problems. But there’s just one wrinkle in the ointment. Can you guess what it is?

Theresa May does not want to resign as Prime Minister.

But really at this stage it’s our only hope. Over the next few days, Britain is in danger of signing what future historians will surely recognise as the worst deal in history.

The “deal” — as was always the intention of the European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier — is so bad that most of the people who voted Leave will wish they had never bothered because, amazingly, it will actually leave Britain worse off than if it had remained a member of the EU.

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