Bojo Has Lost His Mojo. Britain Needs a New Margaret Thatcher


I’m keeping a completely open mind on the Tory leadership contest. So long as it’s either Priti Patel or Steve Baker, I really don’t mind who wins…

As for the more favoured candidates (at least as far as the bookies are concerned), what I’m really not seeing so far is much evidence that any of them has quite woken up to the existential threat facing the Conservative Party.

Perhaps the results of the European Parliament elections will concentrate their minds. But I doubt it. The Conservatives have already priced in the inevitable fact that the Brexit Party is going to be the runaway winner of the EU elections and that it will mark the biggest electoral defeat in the Conservatives’ 185-year history.

Yet still, from what I’ve seen from their interviews, statements to the press, and campaign slogans so far, they all still think it’s business as usual.

Read the rest at Breitbart.

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