Smart motorways are very stupid

Smart road

‘An attempted improvement which actually makes things worse.’ The Germans have a name for this — Verschlimmbesserung — and I ran into a perfect example the other day when my power suddenly failed in the fast lane of one of those so-called ‘smart’ motorways.

These are the new breed of motorways so clever and advanced that they don’t have hard shoulders on to which you can retreat in emergencies. No: instead, if you can’t make one of the safe haven pull-ins supposedly spaced every mile and a half, then you get the thrilling (and, you pray, never-to-be-repeated experience) of grinding to a halt in the live lane of a motorway, with lorries thundering towards your rear at 50mph.

Read the rest in the Spectator.

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Richard Evans
Richard Evans
3 years ago

Good piece but you’re wrong that people would need to pay more for us to have more motorways James, the exchequer take in far more in car taxes than it ever spends on transport. Excellent chart here in the RAC article.

And here is a map showing how little of the country is served by UK motorways, Boris could win a lot of votes and create a lot of jobs by filling in the gaps
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