The House of Lords Is a Foetid Swamp. Boris Johnson Must Drain It

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson (C) gestures as he chats with crew members of Vanguard-class submarine HMS Victorious in the mess hall during a visit to Faslane Naval base (HM Naval Base Clyde), north of Glasgow in Scotland on July 29, 2019. - New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes …
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Failed ex-prime-minister Theresa May is angling to promote her disastrous chief of staff Gavin Barwell to the House of Lords.

One advisor who has worked for her Government told the Sunday Telegraph:

“If she gives her failed MP chief of staff a peerage any shred of decency will have gone.”

Indeed. May’s planned appointment – and she’s by no means the only useless prime minister to engage in such cronyism –  is a handy reminder that one of her successor Boris Johnson’s most urgent priorities, once he has delivered Brexit, must be to abolish the House of Lords.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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