Brexit Derangement Syndrome Has Unhinged 15,000 Remoaners


Pint-size comedy character John Bercow has announced that he plans to use his position as Speaker of the House of Commons to stop Brexit happening.

Good luck with that one, Grumpy.

Bercow’s plan is, of course, doomed to fail. Just like all the various Brexit-thwarting legal actions pursued by his fellow Remoaners Gina Miller and Jolyon (‘We all know what the C stands for’) Maugham QC were doomed to fail. Just like the all-white-female government of “national unity” proposed by Remoaner Caroline Lucas was doomed to fail. Just like every plan to derail Brexit ever cooked up by the losers who lost the Referendum was doomed to fail…

Britain is leaving the EU on 31st October. And there’s almost certainly nothing that Bercow or any of his fellow Remain-o-Loons can do at this point to stop it.

So why does Bercow still delude himself that he can?

Because, like all hardcore Remainers, Bercow is afflicted with a severe case of Brexit Derangement Syndrome. Like a toddler who has had his favourite toy (likely a Captain Euro doll) snatched away, he is angry, thwarted, vengeful — and quite unhinged with impotent rage.

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