From ‘Sexist’ Advert Bans to ‘Racist’ Enid Blyton, the Left Has Ruined Britain

British Prime Minister Theresa May (L) speaks with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair after attending a service of thanksgiving for Lord Heywood in Westminster Abbey in London on June 20, 2019. (Photo by HENRY NICHOLLS / POOL / AFP) (Photo credit should read HENRY NICHOLLS/AFP/Getty Images)
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A group of British ex-servicemen — former Labour voters with a military intelligence background — has released what it calls The Traitors Chart: a map illustrating some of the hundreds of reasons why they no longer vote Labour.

Essentially, their argument is that Labour is so dangerously left-wing that no patriotic Briton should vote for it. This “J2 Assessment” was collated by a team with significant experience across academia and intelligence; in the military and political life of the United Kingdom.

It is with sincere regret that traditional Labour voters have had to point out that the Labour Party, as we knew and supported it, has been hijacked by groups of hard Left and radical Islamist cadres who, unlike Labour of old, do not have the nation’s interests at heart. These usurpers are too often antisemitic. These radicals say anything to get their hands on public money and power, deselecting mainstream Labour Party members.

Well, I agree, obviously.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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