Watch: Ex-Cop Harry Miller Sues Police over ‘Transphobic’ ‘Non-Crime Hate Incident’

Three cheers for Harry Miller who has been fighting for free speech in the London High Court this week against the increasingly censorious, oppressive, and petty-minded British police over a ‘transphobic’ ‘non-crime hate incident’.
Miller, himself a former policeman, was incensed to find himself under investigation by Humberside Police after an anonymous person had reported him for having shared 30 ‘transphobic’ tweets on Twitter, the worst of which — the police told him — was a limerick.

No crime had been committed, yet Humberside Police recorded it as a ‘hate incident’ — and phoned Miller to question him and ‘check’ his ‘thinking’.

Harry Miller can also be heard talking in more detail about the background to the case here on the Delingpod podcast.

Read the rest on Breitbart.

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