Delingpole Confronted by Police at Anti-Lockdown Rally

The British police have issued over 14,000 fines to people who have allegedly broken the government’s lockdown measures — and today in London I nearly got a £100 ticket myself.

My crime? Covering an anti-lockdown rally in London’s Hyde Park, interviewing some of the protestors and seeing for myself how extraordinarily high-handed and belligerent the police have become in accordance with the government’s draconian Covid-19 restrictions.

The rally was held at Speaker’s Corner, traditionally the spot in Britain where anyone can come along and celebrate their right to say whatever they like — because that’s what freedom of speech means in a free country.

Not any more though, apparently. I witnessed members of the crowd being threatened and given tickets for offences as minor as holding placards, distributing stickers (they said “Fuck Coronavirus”. Unfortunately mine fell off my jacket) and “staying here for longer than 45 minutes”.

Read the rest at Breitbart.

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