Mask Non-Compliance Is a Moral Duty

“It’s rude to stare!”, most of us were told as kids. Just how rude you only realise when you’re sitting in a near empty train carriage, minding your own business, when a man in a face mask gets on, takes his seat, swivels in your direction and fixes you with a long, long, cold, hard, death look.

Culturally we’re all so unused to this kind of behaviour that it comes as quite a shock to be on the receiving end. It’s also a bit confusing – like being subjected to physical assault but only in the form of mime. That’s why my immediate response was to mime back disbelievingly, mouthing and gesticulating the message: “Are you staring at me?”

“Yes I am staring at you. You’re not wearing a mask. Everyone else is wearing a mask. But not you. Why aren’t you wearing a mask? I don’t want to wear a mask either but I’m wearing a mask because we’ve all been told to,” he shouted – or rather mumble-yelled from being his mouth-muffler.

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Clare Bartholomew
Clare Bartholomew
2 years ago

Absolutely! I also feel it is an absolute moral duty. We have been everywhere without a mask, including travelling to London for the protest in August. We went to another local protest on Saturday, got chatting to a couple who said they still wear masks in shops because they’re too scared not to. I have laminated a load of exemption cards so I gave them one each and told them to be brave.

2 years ago

Indeed. I will never wear a mask, i live in Latvija and now here it is also a law that in shops and other public places you have to wear a mask or get fined. I will never wear it. I will never bend the knee.