Thanks to Boris Johnson, ‘Conservative’ Is Becoming a Dirty Word to Actual Conservatives

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 29: Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson attends the second day of the Global Education Summit on July 29, 2021 in London, England. Co-hosted by the United Kingdom and Kenya the Global Education Summit aims to raise investment for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to help …

Conservatism is the new fascism. So says Kathy Gyngell, the co-editor of one of Britain’s last genuinely conservative news outlets, which is why in disgust she is changing its name from The Conservative Woman to TCW Defending Freedom.

In a piece titled Farewell to the Contaminated C-Word, Gyngell expresses her horror at ‘the fascist depths to which [Boris Johnson’s] government, hiding behind the name Conservative,’ has plumbed.

One look at yesterday’s newspaper headlines should be sufficient for readers to understand why we are no longer prepared to risk the reputational damage of having the word conservative, albeit with a small c, in our name. We think it is irreversibly contaminated.

I know exactly how she feels. Some commentators, notably Peter Hitchens, have been warning for years that the Conservative party abandoned conservatism decades ago and that its complete destruction is the only solution. But many of us have for years clung naively to the hope that somehow the right of the party might one day reassert itself, as it did in the era of Margaret Thatcher, and that the ‘Wets’ who have been dragging it ever leftwards would finally be consigned to oblivion.

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