Right About Everything


James Delingpole is a libertarian conservative who writes brilliant books and brilliant articles, and is really great on TV, radio and the internet too. You’ll love him. You’ll want to read his stuff, buy his book and music recommendations; follow him on Twitter, and generally be his best friend just so long as you share at least a few of his obsessions.

James is also the winner of the 2010 Bastiat Prize for Online journalism and is now eagerly seeking ways to escape David Cameron’s neo fascist Big Society Britain, so if any right-wing US think tanks want to offer a visiting fellowship or any presenters’ slots fall available on Fox News you know where to go.

His likes include:

World War II; DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing; Foxhunting; war generally; great white sharks; bridge; long walks in the English, Welsh or Scottish countryside; recreational drugs; New York; good coffee made with Ethiopian harar beans; clothes by Margaret Howell; Margaret Thatcher; Ronald Reagan; English tradition; the American Way; South Park; films about evil vampires; Radiohead; Being John Malkovich. English breakfast tea made with leaves and boiling water.

His dislikes include:

The European Socialist Superstate; Gordon Brown; taxes; big government; the “global warming” myth; bad food; weak coffee; the Nanny State; etc.