‘AGW Is Real!’ Insists Al Gore’s New Soul Mate Osama Bin Laden

Just when you thought the Warmists had lost the argument completely, an unlikely new champion has ridden to their cause. (Hat tip: Rob Stevely)

DUBAI (AFP) – Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden lectured the US and other industrial nations on climate change, and urged a dollar boycott in response to American “slavery,” in a fresh verbal assault broadcast Friday.

In the message aired on Al-Jazeera television, possibly timed to coincide with the World Economic Forum in Davos, bin Laden said “all industrial nations, mainly the big ones, are responsible for the crisis of global warming.”

“Discussing climate change is not an intellectual luxury, but a reality,” he said in the audio recording whose authenticity could not be immediately verified.

“This is a message to the whole world about those who are causing climate change, whether deliberately or not, and what we should do about that.”

Some commentators are suggesting that this is a just cynical, Steve-Hilton-style attempt to “decontaminate the brand” after over a decade’s poor press for Al Qaeda. By repositioning himself as Mother Gaia’s Caring Sharing Friend Bin Laden may yet win the hearts of a broad new constituency ranging from Al Gore and NASA’s Dr James Hansen to soap-dodging crusty climate activists and carbon-trading oligarchs all the way to fragrant Yummy Mummies from Notting Hill who are BFs with Samantha and Dave Cameron, only eat organic, and do most of their shopping at I Saw You Coming.

Others argue that this is a naked bid for the IPCC chairman’s position shortly to be vacated by his near-doppelganger Dr Rajendra Pachauri.

Me, I’m looking to the furious denunciation of this “utter non-story” by Guardian environment columnist George Monbiot insisting that this is in reality yet another attempt by evil-climate-change-denier James Delingpole to make the AGW lobby look like a bunch of psychotic, basket-cases.

UPDATE: genius comment from one of the posters at Watts Up With That: “Global Warming just officially jumped the shark.”

One Response to “‘AGW is real!’ insists Al Gore’s new soul mate Osama Bin Laden”

  1. Drew NY says:February 1, 2010 at 3:27 amSo global warming is yet another “recruiting tool” for al-Qaeda. Oh we have so far to go before we stop “making more terrorists”!

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Climategate: Is the British government conspiring not to prosecute? | James Delingpole

January 31, 2010

Ed Miliband, the weird blobby egg creature with dark hair on top currently doing untold damage as Britain’s Energy and Climate Secretary, has declared war on Climate Sceptics.

According to the Observer:

The danger of climate scepticism was that it would undermine public support for unpopular decisions needed to curb carbon emissions, including the likelihood of higher energy bills for households, and issues such as the visual impact of wind turbines, said Miliband.

If the UK did not invest in renewable, clean energy, it would lose jobs and investment to other countries, have less energy security because of the dependence on oil and gas imports and contribute to damaging temperature rises for future generations. “There are a whole variety of people who are sceptical, but who they are is less important than what they are saying, and what they are saying is profoundly dangerous,” he said. “Every­thing we know about life is that we should obey the precautionary principle; to take what the sceptics say seriously would be a profound risk.”

Could the New Labour government’s zeal to impose this eco-fascist vision on Britain at any cost have anything to do with the curious case of the Information Commissioner who barked but didn’t bite?

Christopher Booker points up the mystery in his latest column:

There is something very odd indeed about the statement by the Information Commission on its investigation into “Climategate”, the leak of emails from East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit. Gordon Smith, the deputy commissioner, confirms that the university’s refusal to answer legitimate inquiries made in 2007 and 2008 was an offence under S.77 of the Information Act. But he goes on to claim that the Commission is powerless to bring charges, thanks to a loophole in the law – “because the legislation requires action within six months of the offence taking place”.

Careful examination of the Act, however, shows that it says nothing whatever about a time limit. The Commission appears to be trying to confuse this with a provision of the Magistrates Act, that charges for an offence cannot be brought more than six months after it has been drawn to the authorities’ attention – not after it was committed. In this case, the Commission only became aware of the offence two months ago when the emails were leaked – showing that the small group of British and American scientists at the top of the IPCC were discussing with each other and with the university ways to break the law, not least by destroying evidence, an offence in itself.

The Commission is thus impaled on a hook of its own devising. By admitting that serious offences were committed, it is now legally obliged to bring charges. And if these were brought under the 1977 Criminal Law Act, alleging that the offences amounted to a conspiracy to defy the law, there is no time limit anyway.

The real mystery therefore is how the Commission came to misread the very Act which brought it into being. Undoubtedly a successful prosecution involving such world-ranking scientists would be extraordinarily embarrassing, not just to the Government but to the entire global warming cause. So what has persuaded the Commission not to do its duty?

I think we should be told. (As Private Eye would be asking were it remotely interested in investigating the AGW scandal which unfortunately, for some bizarre reason known only to its editor, it isn’t).

UPDATE: Climategate.com has been looking into this scandal and is similarly disgusted. It believes there may have been “willful nonfeasance or malfeasance by government officials.”

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Glorious send-up | James Delingpole

January 31, 2010

Bellamy’s People (BBC2, Thursday) began life in 2006 as a spoof Radio Four phone-in show called Down the Line presented by ‘award-winning’ Gary Bellamy (Rhys Thomas) with the Fast Show’s Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse playing the various callers.

Now it has moved to TV and its satirical target — not before time — are all those programmes where celebrities drive round the country meeting people and saying, ‘Isn’t Britain brilliant?’ So, in his classic Triumph Stag with a Union flag painted on the bonnet, Bellamy gets to meet his giggling northern fan club, cheeky-chappy plasterer, a Pakistani community leader (‘What does a community leader do, exactly?’ Bellamy asks, without getting a very satisfactory answer), and a cheerful elderly gentleman who thinks it’s terribly important to keep up with modern trends, by using the internet and so forth, and not to dwell on how much better the past was because in many cases it wasn’t.

Though it does have its broad-comedy moments — like the two elderly Mitford-style sisters who have divided their stately home exactly down the middle, one side dedicated to Stalin and the other to Hitler — it’s mostly much more subtle observational stuff.

(to read more, click here)

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Why Pachauri MUST stay as chairman of the IPCC

Troll impersonator in chief.

Dr Rajendra K Pachauri



Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Children’s Parties.

Contact: RK Pachauri, No. 1 Carbon Heights, Millionaires’ Row, Delhi, India

Now I know that one or two of you might disagree, but the above business card – which I designed myself, though if he wants a professional job doing I can highly recommend my brother  – is most definitely not something I want to see being handed round by the Yummy Mummies in Dulwich or Notting Hill or the posher parts of Delhi. Not now. Not ever.

I don’t want Pachauri to give up his day job. He is performing a far, far, FAR greater service to the world where he is, chairing the IPCC, than he ever could scaring little kiddies at parties or going back to his old job as a railway engineer.

Here is one reason why he should stay. And here’s another. Yes that’s right. When Warmists as committed as environment editors Geoffrey Lean and Charles Clover are calling for Pachauri’s resignation with lines like this –

If we are to have the best possible predictions about climate change, urgent decisions need to be taken. The agreeable but gaffe-prone Pachauri should accept it would be wise to walk now, so some heavy-hitters can step in and prevent a disastrous slide in the IPCC’s credibility. The sooner, the better.

– then you just KNOW it must be the right thing for Pachauri to stay in post.

Nor I am being wholly flippant, here. As we all well know, Pachauri’s credibility is toast -not only in Britain and the US, but even among his previously enormous fan club in India. According to Richard North – the crusading hero who, with Christopher Booker has done more than anyone to expose Pachauri’s multifarious business interests – Pachauri is so out of favour with the Indian government following his “voodoo science” calumny that he is now most unlikely to be given the prestige position as head of India’s national solar mission.

But this, of course, is now the Warmists are clamouring for Pachauri to go. They are calculating that if they throw him off the back to feed the ravening wolves, the Slippery Sledge of the Great Global Warming Scam will be able to pull away into the distance and elude its howling pursuers. (That’s makes me one of the wolves, I suppose. But I’m OK with that. Wolves are cool). Clearly, we mustn’t let them get away with this.

These have been a truly wonderful couple of months for the cause of climate honesty and realism. Over at Climate Depot my friend Marc Morano is boasting:

“We are witnessing the Berlin Wall moment in the global warming regime. The statist cabal that has ruled the climate debate since the UN IPCC’s inception in 1988 is now tumbling down before our eyes. The so-called ‘gold-standard’ of scientific review turns out to be counterfeit.”

“Global warming is now undergoing the fastest ever collapse of any modern political movement.”

Morano is right. It really is quite astonishing how quickly and suddenly the AGW edifice – the “Billion dollar hoax” as Andrew Bolt calls it – is collapsing. We’re seeing previously committed Warmist scientists starting to bail. We’ve seen it confirmed that the Climatic Research Unit at University of East Anglia really did break Freedom of Information laws. We see in the latest Pew ratings that the US public is less convinced than ever before that addressing global warming is a priority. Even China is keeping an “open-mind” on the causes of climate change.

But let’s not underestimate the scale of the struggle we climate rationalists have ahead of us. AGW is the biggest and most far-reaching scientific scandal in history, whose tentacles spread into almost every aspect of our lives, from how we dispose of our trash and how we light up our homes, to how we travel and how we are taxed and regulated. Big business stands to make a fortune out of the scam; for governments it’s a way of extending their control and increasing power; for eco-fascists it’s a way of destroying industrial civilisation.

This conspiracy is much, MUCH bigger than one unfortunate bearded troll-impersonator.

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Climategate: time for the tumbrils | James Delingpole

January 31, 2010

A mighty outpouring of rage today from Philip Stott, foaming with righteous indignation, on the life and imminent death of the AGW scam.

Part of him is naturally enthralled:

… as an independent academic, it has been fascinating to witness the classical collapse of a Grand Narrative, in which social and philosophical theories are being played out before our gaze. It is like watching the Berlin Wall being torn down, concrete slab by concrete slab, brick by brick, with cracks appearing and widening daily on every face – political, economic, and scientific.

He recognises that this an era of massive geopolitical power shifts:

The humiliating exclusion of Britain and the EU at the end of the Copenhagen débâcle was partially to be expected, but it was brutal in its final execution. The swing of power to the BASIC group of countries (Brazil, South Africa, India, China) had likewise been signified for some time, but, again, it came with precipitate ease, leaving even the American President, Barack Obama, with no doubts as to where the political agenda on climate change was now heading, namely to the developing world, but especially to the East, and to the Pacific Rim. The dirigiste tropes of  ‘Old Europe’, with its love of meaningless targets and carbon capping, will no longer carry weight, while Obama himself has been straitjacketed  by the voters of Massachusetts, by the rust-belt Democrats, by a truculent Congress, by an increasingly-sceptical and disillusioned American public, but, above all, by the financial crisis. Nothing will now be effected that for a single moment curbs economic development, from China to Connecticut, from Africa to Alaska.

But his overwhelming mood is one of white-hot fury at the way so many of his fellow scientists have colluded in this nauseating conspiracy:

And what can one say about ‘the science’? ‘The ‘science’ is already paying dearly for its abuse of freedom of information, for unacceptable cronyism, for unwonted arrogance, and for the disgraceful misuse of data at every level, from temperature measurements to glaciers to the Amazon rain forest. What is worse, the usurping of the scientific method, and of justified scientific scepticism, by political policies and political propaganda could well damage science sensu lato – never mind just climate science – in the public eye for decades. The appalling pre-Copenhagen attacks by the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and his climate-change henchman, Ed Miliband, on those who dared to be critical of the science of climate change were some of the most unforgivable I can recall.

I first met Professor Stott a couple of years ago. He’s emeritus professor of biogeography at the University of London, and I tracked him down because in those days he was pretty much the ONLY senior scientific academic anywhere in Britain brave enough publicly to dispute the AGW ‘consensus.”

We had lunch. “There are many more scientists who think the way I do,” he told me. “But they don’t want to stick their heads above the parapet. They don’t want to lose their jobs.” We talked a bit about the loneliness of our position, how impossible it was to place dissenting articles anywhere in the media, how people who thought like us were treated like pariahs.

Now suddenly it has all changed utterly. And you know what? I’m in no mood for being magnanimous in victory. I want the lying, cheating, fraudulent scientists prosecuted and fined or imprisoned. I want warmist politicians like Brown and disgusting Milibands booted out and I want Conservative fellow-travellers who are still pushing this green con trick – that’ll be you, David Cameron, you Greg Clark, you Tim Yeo, you John Gummer, to name but four – to be punished at the polls for their culpable idiocy.

For years I’ve been made to feel a pariah for my views on AGW. Chris Booker has had the same experience, as has Richard North, Benny Peiser, Lord Lawson, Philip Stott and those few others of us who recognised early on that the AGW thing stank. Now it’s payback time and I take small satisfaction from seeing so many rats deserting their sinking ship. I don’t want them on my side. I want to see them in hell, reliving scenes from Hieronymus Bosch.

Yeah, maybe it isn’t the Christian way. But screw ‘em. It’s not as though they haven’t all been screwing us for long enough.

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Monbiot: an apology | James Delingpole

January 31, 2010

George Monbiot is cwoss. Weally, WEALLY cwoss. And I don’t blame him one bit. God it must be an awful thing when you’ve squandered half your career acting as cheerleader for a cause which, on closer examination, turns out to have been a complete load of cobblers. Hugh Trevor-Roper’s humiliation after the Hitler Diaries is surely as nothing to what poor George – Britain’s second-most-famous Old Stoic after Perry Worsthorne  – must be experiencing now.

I’m afraid I don’t read his Guardian columns as often as I used to. Pre-Climategate, they were a great place to go trolling for Moonbattisms which I could then post up on this site and expose to mockery. But these days there just isn’t time. There are so many bigger stories to report on the collapse of the AGW scam that really Monbiot’s views on the subject are about as relevant as a cavalry trooper’s would have been after the invention of tank warfare.

So I quite understand why a man in as desperate a position as George’s has to grab what few crumbs of consolation he can. That’ll be why he’s got so terribly excited about a blog I wrote the other day – and then spiked – about an orchestrated campaign by a green pressure group to get sympathetic individuals in over 200 constituencies to send letters to their local Tory candidate testing him on his environmental correctness.

I called this “eco-bullying” and “stalking”, as I believe it is. Of course free individuals are perfectly entitled to write to their prospective parliamentary candidate on whatever subject they wish. I have no objection to that. What I do very much object to is concerted campaigns by pressure groups. Since my moles at Tory HQ tell me lots of very similar letters to the one I quoted were received by Tory candidates all over Britain, using similar phrasing, I don’t think this was an accident.

Here’s what the letter to one prospective Tory candidate said:


I was concerned to note the results of a survey of 140 Conservative candidates for parliament that suggested that climate change came right at the bottom of their priorities for government action.

I hope you can reassure me that you recognise the importance and success of climate change action by the UK government at home and internationally.

Can you clarify that:

You accept that climate change is caused by human activity
Do you support the target to achieve 15% renewable energy by 2020?
Do you support the EU imposing tougher regulation to combat climate change

Kind Regards

Perfectly innocuous on its own, yes. But really quite worrying in the context of a green campaign to bully Conservatives into adopting an essentially unConservative position: supporting a policy, backed by no solid scientific evidence, which will involve raising taxes, destroying industry and increasing regulation. That is why I wrote up the story.

And why did I pull it? (And it really was my decision, no one else’s. In fact I got a huge bollocking from my bosses for having done so because it is not Telegraph policy to pull blogs). Because I made a stupid mistake, that’s why. When I posted up the letter quoted above, I neglected to remove the sender’s name and address. This was careless but not, I promise, vindictive. And I deeply regret any distress or hassle which may have been caused to the person I named. When I read some of the comments below my blog and realised what I’d unwittingly unleashed, I removed the person’s name from the blog; then later, all the comments pertaining to the person; then later, I pulled the blog altogether – embarrassed, ashamed and rather wishing it would all go away. Thanks to Monbiot it hasn’t. But what I would really like to say to the person I named is: I’m sincerely, totally and unreservedly sorry. (And if it’s any consolation, you should see some of the hatemail I’ve been getting from Monbiot’s Guardianista chums).

Then again, I can’t pretend I’m not glad that Monbiot brought it up. a) because it has given me a chance to make the apology I know I should have made earlier; b) because the story about the green campaign to co-opt Tory policy is far too good to have deserved spiking and c) because it enables me to point out what a truly despicable piece of work Monbiot is.

The way he chose to report this story was something like this: evil global warming denier James Delingpole deliberately singled out a totally innocent person who had made an innocent green enquiry to his Tory candidate and deliberately printed his address so as to expose this innocent person to danger and ridicule.

If that’s how Guardian readers want to see me, that’s fine. I’m never going to convert them. And frankly as Islamists love death and Americans love Coca Cola so I thrive on the hatred of Guardian readers.

But can Monbiot really be so warped and twisted as to have believed the version of events he printed? Can he really believe that even the nastiest journalist would deliberately single out some member of the public who’d written a letter whose politics he disagreed with and then exploit the power of the media to make that person’s life miserable? Does he not think that with Al Gore, Rajendra Pachauri, Phil Jones, Michael Mann, the Hon Sir Jonathon Porritt, the Prince of Wales, Lord Stern, James Hansen, Keith Briffa, Yvo de Boer, Mark Lynas, Carol Browner, Van Jones, Bob Ward, Sir John Houghton, Zac Goldsmith, Pen Hadow, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, William Connelley and, yes, G. Monbiot I haven’t got more fitting targets for my disgust and venom?

Monbiot, you apology for a columnist, you are as over as the dinosaurs. As finished as the Medieval Warm Period. Your cause is lost. Give up now and become a teepee maker instead. They’re very popular in your part of Wales, I gather.

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The case against Dr Phil ‘Climategate’ Jones | James Delingpole

January 31, 2010

Dr Phil Jones – the (suspended) head of the Prince of Wales’s favourite AGW-promotion institution the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia – had a narrow squeak the other day. Though the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found his department in breach of Freedom of Information laws (Jones and his team had deliberately withheld or conspired to destroy data), Jones was able to escape  prosecution on a technicality.

Next time, he may not be so lucky. Our friend John O’Sullivan at Climategate.com has been looking closely at the Climategate emails and reckons there is still a very strong case for a criminal prosecution, which could see Dr Jones facing ten years on fraud charges.

O’Sullivan argues:

What is not being intelligently reported is that Jones is still liable as lead conspirator in the UK’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and may face prosecution under the United Kingdom Fraud Act (2006). If convicted of the offense of fraud by either false representation, failing to disclose information or fraud by abuse of his position, he stands liable to a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.

As to exactly what the Crown Prosecution Service’s case might be, I recommend you read O’Sullivan’s shrewd and thorough analysis.

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WTF? Prince of Wales tells disgraced CRU: ‘Well done, all of you!’

More brilliance from the future kingcharles_1481587c

The Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia is under government investigation for fraud, data manipulation and withholding or destroying scientific data in defiance of freedom of information requests. Many of the disgraced scientists working at the CRU were closely involved in putting together the now ferociously suspect Fourth Assessment Report for the notoriously unreliable Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) headed by the lethally compromised Dr Rajendra Pachauri.

Is this really the best time, you might wonder, for the future King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to praise the CRU for the “quality” of its work and to dismiss the Climategate scandal as a “little blip”? (Hat tip: Roddy Campbell)

Well the Prince of Wales clearly thinks so or he wouldn’t have paid a visit to Norwich yesterday to deliver a jolly little fillip to the beleaguered scientists. In his sublime wisdom, Prince Charles clearly believes they have done no wrong at all.

On a visit to the disgraced CRU yesterday – shown here in full technicolour horror – the Prince told scientists including the organisation’s suspended director Dr Phil Jones:

“Well done all of you. Many, many congratulations on your work. I wish you great success in the future. Don’t get downhearted by these little blips here and there!”

“Little blips”? Does this mean that Prince Charles takes a relaxed view on law-breaking? Certainly if we are to believe the Information Commissioner, offences were committed at the CRU under the Freedom of Information Act. Unfortunately, as Bishop Hill discovered, there are unlikely to be any prosecutions because of a cunning escape-clause inserted by wily civil servants into the Freedom of Information Act.

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More integrity from the robust, peer-reviewed IPCC. Not. | James Delingpole

January 28, 2010

Yesterday I got the blogospherical equivalent of a Legion d’Honneur – a generous, name-checking post and a mention on the blogroll of one of my favourite sites, Watts Up With That.

The readers of WUWT – not unlike those of Telegraph blogs – are ferociously well-informed and very brainy, especially to do with matters scientific. I’m guessing there are probably more PhDs among its readership than contributed to all four of the IPCC’s assessment reports put together. And this is what makes them such formidable opponents of sites like RealClimate – the Warmist propaganda outlet set up a few years ago by friends of Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann. They don’t miss a trick.

So you can imagine how downcast I was when I woke this morning to discover an email from WUWT’s proprietor Anthony Watts, advising me that an error had been spotted in my piece on Amazongate:

Icarus (14:19:23)
It appears that the 40% figure references this passage in the WWF/IUCN report:

“Up to 40% of the Brazilian forest is extremely sensitive to small reductions in the amount of rainfall. In the 1998 dry season, some 270,000 sq. km of forest became vulnerable to fire, due to completely depleted plant-available water stored in the upper five metres of soil. A further 360,000 sq. km of forest had only 250 mm of plant-available soil water left.”

This passage references a peer-reviewed article in Nature:

46 D. C. Nepstad, A. Veríssimo, A. Alencar, C. Nobre, E. Lima, P. Lefebvre, P. Schlesinger, C. Potter, P. Mountinho, E. Mendoza, M. Cochrane, V. Brooks, Large-scale Impoverishment of Amazonian Forests by Logging and Fire, Nature, 1999, Vo l 398, 8 April, pp505

Unfortunately I don’t have access to the full article but to call this reference “a complete load of porkies” seems a bit unjustified, unless it can be shown that Rowell and Moore completely misrepresent the Nature article (which of course *is* written by Amazonian specialists).

Before I rushed to correct, I thought I’d do a bit of checking with the great and supremely thorough Dr Richard North whose original post on Amazongate I had quite shamelessly plagiarised. And guess what? The IPCC 4th Assessment report emerges EVEN LESS CREDITABLY from the tale than we had originally suggested.

Here’s what that referenced Nature article said:

Up to 40% of the Brazilian forest is extremely sensitive to small reductions in the amount of rainfall. In the 1998 dry season, some 270,000 sq. km of forest became vulnerable to fire, due to completely depleted plant-available water stored in the upper five metres of soil. A further 360,000 sq. km of forest had only 250 mm of plant-available soil water left.

Yes. Hands up. We did miss the 40 per cent reference. But what we weren’t doing, by any means, was exaggerating the skullduggery and scientific dishonesty involved – as Maurizio Morabito has noticed.

North, as ever, has the full details.

It turns out that the Nature article HAD been misrepresented. There’s a clue in the title “Large-scale Impoverishment of Amazonian Forests by Logging and Fire”. It wasn’t about the effects of climate change at all. Yet from this irrelevant article, the IPCC had decided to cherry-pick a paragraph which seemed to chime nicely with its urge to co-opt the mighty Amazon rainforest to its cause.  After all, it’s not as though anyone was likely to notice, was it?

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After Climategate, Pachaurigate and Glaciergate: Amazongate | James Delingpole


After Climategate, Pachaurigate and Glaciergate: Amazongate

January 26th, 2010

AGW theory is toast. So’s Dr Rajendra Pachauri. So’s the Stern Review. So’s the credibility of the IPCC. But if you think I’m cheered by this you’re very much mistaken. I’m trying to write a Climategate book but the way things are going by the time I’m finished there won’t be anything left to say: the battle will already have been won and the only people left who still believe in Man Made Global Warming will be the eco-loon equivalents of those wartime Japanese soldiers left abandoned and forgotten on remote Pacific atolls.

Here’s the latest development, courtesy of Dr Richard North – and it’s a cracker. It seems that, not content with having lied to us about shrinking glaciers, increasing hurricanes, and rising sea levels, the IPCC’s latest assessment report also told us a complete load of porkies about the danger posed by climate change to the Amazon rainforest.

This is to be found in Chapter 13 of the Working Group II report, the same part of the IPCC fourth assessment report in which the “Glaciergate” claims are made. There, is the startling claim that:

At first sight, the reference looks kosher enough but, following it through, one sees:

This, then appears to be another WWF report, carried out in conjunction with the IUCN – The International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The link given is no longer active, but the report is on the IUCN website here. Furthermore, the IUCN along with WWF is another advocacy group and the report is not peer-reviewed. According to IPCC rules, it should not have been used as a primary source.

It gets even better. The two expert authors of the WWF report so casually cited by the IPCC as part of its, ahem, “robust” “peer-reviewed” process weren’t even Amazon specialists. One, Dr PF Moore, is a policy analyst:

My background and experience around the world has required and developed high-level policy and analytical skills. I have a strong understanding of government administration, legislative review, analysis and inquiries generated through involvement in or management of the Australian Regional Forest Agreement process, Parliamentary and Government inquiries, Coronial inquiries and public submissions on water pricing, access and use rights and native vegetation legislation in Australia and fire and natural resources laws, regulations and policies in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa and Malaysia.

And the lead author Andy Rowell is a freelance journalist (for the Guardian, natch) and green activist:

Andy Rowell is a freelance writer and Investigative journalist with over 12 years’ experience on environmental, food, health and globalization issues. Rowell has undertaken cutting-edge investigations for, amongst others, Action on Smoking and Health, The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, IFAW, the Pan American Health Organization, Project Underground, the World Health Organization, World in Action and WWF.

But the IPCC’s shamelessness did not end there. Dr North has searched the WWF’s reports high and low but can find no evidence of a statement to support the IPCC’s claim that “40 per cent” of the Amazon is threatened by climate change. (Logging and farm expansion are a much more plausible threat).

Watts Up With That provides a further, worryingly long list of the non-peer-reviewed papers from the World Wildlife Fund cited as evidence in the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment report. Time, it asks, for the IPCC to be stripped of its Nobel Peace Prize?

We can but dream.

UPDATE: If you want cheering up, I highly recommend this fascinating article about 12 More Glaciers Which Haven’t Heard The News About Global Warming.


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One Response to “After Climategate, Pachaurigate and Glaciergate: Amazongate”

  1. daddy dave says:January 26, 2010 at 8:38 am

    A climategate book is needed. I wouldn’t worry about it not being edgy and controversial enough. You’ll be dealing with living people, practicing scientists who are still getting funded, bureaucrats who still hold their jobs, politicians who are still in power, propaganda that’s still in fourth grade classrooms, and so on.
    It will be plenty controversial.
    And even if you’re spelling out the bleeding obvious, there will be many who will find it an eye-opener. They may have heard something about this “climategate” business, but many people are not following it closely and are unsure what to believe.

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