I have Just Seen the Conservatives’ Future. Unfortunately, It’s in New Zealand

So it’s just as we thought: the Conservatives are a bunch of timid, Blairite statists who aren’t going to drag us out of Europe and are going to spend the next 5 years treading water.

But just imagine, for a moment, a Tory party conference in an alternative universe in which they’d made some of the following commitments:

  • Massive tax cuts to boost economic growth.
  • Sweeping health care reform – cutting back on bureaucracy, encouraging private health care, improving value in the system.
  • A coalition with the Libertarian party committing the government to free markets, individual freedom and a minimal welfare state.
  • A keynote speech from the party leader saying: “There’s a limit to what governments can do.”

Well if you lived in New Zealand you wouldn’t need to imagine because they’ve got it already in the form of John Key and his centre-right National party. (Hat Tip: Tom Blanton)

Seriously, if you were jealous enough of the Kiwis already – what with their Lord Of The Rings scenery, their kakapo parrots, and their Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc – then I really don’t recommend you read this article on John  Key in the National Review Online by Lydia Bevege. It will make you want to up sticks and emigrate IMMEDIATELY.

Here’s a taste:

Delivering his first budget in May, Key continued to distinguish his economic policies from those being adopted in Washington, London, and Canberra. He imposed a cap on government spending set at half the average spending level over the past five years, reining in government growth to 2 percent per year. Key’s “line-by-line” review of federal spending identified and cut back $2 billion worth of non-essential programs. His conservative budget pushed the New Zealand dollar higher and prompted the ratings agency Standard & Poor to increase New Zealand’s foreign-currency rating from negative to stable.

Who do we want? John Key. When do we want him? Now!

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A little light Islamist propaganda to liven up your Sunday

October 4th, 2009

I’ve just been supervising my nine-year old daughter’s home work for the week. She attends a Church of England Primary School. Here is the text she was set:

“Abdul left his friend’s house. He had had a fun afternoon. He took the route home. He was whistling softly. He scuffed his feet in the dry leaves. He pretended to dribble a football up the pitch. He passed a derelict church.”

Is it just me or is there something seriously wrong with the subliminal messages being sent out here?

6 Responses to “A little light Islamist propaganda to liven up your Sunday”

  1. Galatian says:October 5, 2009 at 8:44 amIt’s not just you, James. Utterly typical. Why couldn’t the authors have ticked the diversity and equality boxes by a passage like this (which is also representative of today’s Britain):He [Abdul] passed a vibrant, modern church – with a congregation numbered in the thousands – of largely trimly-dressed Afro-Caribbean worshippers. He felt a check in his spirit as he contrasted his own aimless meanderings with the overflow of joyous harmony from the choir …
  2. Archie Wedderspoon says:October 5, 2009 at 8:58 amI’m a Catholic Scot, so my response may not be typical. Yes, the sub-liminal message is quite wrong, and shows that the Church of England is more interested in appeasing its enemies than in being the national church.
  3. JJ says:October 5, 2009 at 9:37 amSubliminal for the children but bloody obvious to adults.But nil desperandum, educational standards have never been higher (or so the story goes). This is perfectly true if you see education as a means of indoctrination of the young as opposed to errrrrr actually educating them.
  4. Galatian says:October 5, 2009 at 12:15 pmJJ: do not despair! Youngsters I meet see through this dross and roll their eyes: global warming (which features on just about every syllabus out there – science, English, maths, RE, etc., etc), healthy eating, the rubbishing of British history, the diversity-compliant naming of participants in exam questions: “Bobby, Zeinab, Ndabaningi and Chan are investigating the effect of temperature on the rate of a chemical reaction”.
  5. Paul Weston says:October 5, 2009 at 3:07 pmJamesThere is a website called “Britkid” which has been set up along National Curriculum guidelines:http://www.britkid.org/It is quite a long-winded site, but well worth an hour or so following it’s many links.

    It promotes the usual stuff – White kids are racist violent scum, all others milk and honey.

  6. Galatian says:October 6, 2009 at 9:13 amPaul, Thanks for that – who writes this sh*t? Just read the stuff about the church and compare it with the mosque. At the church the talk is of something for the older generation, numbers dwindling, etc; nothing whatsoever about the Christian faith.

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‘Killing parakeets is racist’ – and other green lunacies – James Delingpole

October 4, 2009

Parakeets may be a foreign pest which only settled in Britain in 1969 but shooting them just because they’re a “nasty alien” is “racist” – a form of “eco-xenophobia.” So claims the director of the Environmental Change Research Unit at Sheffield Hallam University.

“Is it because I is green?”

Earlier this week, the director of another eco-body – the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research – grabbed the headlines with a similar loopy claim. Britain, said Kevin Anderson, simply isn’t doing enough to combat climate change. What it needs, he argued, is a “planned recession” – with a ban on petrol-driven cars, coal-fired power stations and new airports. Only if Britain reduces its carbon emissions by at least 70 per cent by 2020 can eco-catastrophe be averted.

Gosh I don’t half enjoy news stories like this. They remind us that for all the modern green movement’s claims to sweet reasonableness, scientific integrity, and good, old-fashioned planet-saving commonsense it is in fact stuffed to the gills with activists madder than a giant pantechnicon from Mad Max III with “I’m completely mad” written in ornate golden lettering on the front and on the back “No really I am, madder than you could ever imagine.”

That’s how mad they are. Which would be fine if no one took their ramblings seriously. But unfortunately many people do, and quite a few of those people have control over our lives and our purse strings. President Obama, for example. He believes all this “cut carbon emissions or the world will die tomorrow” drivel. As does our future king. As does pretty much every political administration in Europe, save possibly Poland and the Czech Republic. As does your and my local council. As do most of the teachers filling your kids brains with eco-propaganda at school. As indeed, I’m sorry to say, do lots and lots of your friends, and if you were ever to try to put them right over dinner one night they wouldn’t swing round to your point of view you know, they’d think you were evil and uncaring and very possibly in the pay of Big Oil.

Why do so many people think this way? Well, largely, I think because of a meme which has been spread very successfully by the MSM that the “science is settled” and that the real crazies are the ones who don’t believe in AGW. Earlier this week, for example – on the same day that Kevin Anderson was urging us to bomb our economy back to the Dark Ages in order to save the planet – a story broke which drove a coach and horses right through one of the AGW movement’s most sacred cows. (Yes, can’t you just imagine the mess that mixed metaphor crash made?).

This was the claim made by Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth – with the help of his scary, dramatically upward-ticking graph – that the last decades of the 20th century were the hottest in modern history. Even hotter, apparently, than the Medieval Warming Period when grape vines grew even in the north of Britain.

As I reported earlier in the week this graph – known as the Hockey Stick, used on two occasions in the IPCC’s reports – has now been debunked beyond all credibility. It’s a complicated story – way too complicated for me, because I got several technical details wrong. If you want chapter and verse try this piece by Andrew Orlowski in The Register, or this by Ross McKitrick – one of the scientific analysts who broke the story – in the National Post. Or, get every last pornographic scientific detail from the Man Who Broke The Hockey Stick , Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit.

McKitrick sums up the problem very well:

“I have been probing the arguments for global warming for well over a decade. In collaboration with a lot of excellent coauthors I have consistently found that when the layers get peeled back, what lies at the core is either flawed, misleading or simply non-existent. The surface temperature data is a contaminated mess with a significant warm bias, and as I have detailed elsewhere the IPCC fabricated evidence in its 2007 report to cover up the problem. Climate models are in gross disagreement with observations, and the discrepancy is growing with each passing year. The often-hyped claim that the modern climate has departed from natural variability depended on flawed statistical methods and low-quality data. The IPCC review process, of which I was a member last time, is nothing at all like what the public has been told: Conflicts of interest are endemic, critical evidence is systematically ignored and there are no effective checks and balances against bias or distortion.”

Or, if you want it put even more succinctly:  AGW is bunk; the scientific “consensus” a figment of Al Gore’s imagination. The only reason anyone could possibly have for believing otherwise is because of the extraordinarily one-sided way the story is reported in the MSM.

Apart from Canada’s National Post – whose editor Lawrence Solomon has written a splendid editorial arguing that “the global warming scare is all over bar the shouting” – the Hockey Stick story has been given next to no coverage in the mainstream media.

This, it seems to me, is a scandal almost as big as the scientific conspiracy just exposed by Steve McIntyre. Every time a climate fear promoter opens his mouth – be he the Prince of Wales, Al Gore or some nutty prof from the Hadley Centre and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research – he is quoted in the Dead Tree Press as if he were the Delphic Oracle. But when evidence emerges to prove them wrong, it’s as if the story just didn’t exist.

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‘Liberal satire’ is an oxymoron | James Delingpole

2nd October 2009

In the latest issue of The Atlantic Christopher Hitchens brilliantly articulates something many of us have long suspected: that left-liberals – the modern variety, at any rate – are quite incapable of effective or indeed funny satire.

The Hitch’s immediate target is the libtard comic turned Democrat senator Al Franken:

“Franken very often refers to himself as a “satirist,” which is a piece of hubris that comes to him too glibly and naturally. One wants to say, on hearing or reading such a claim, “Actually, sunshine, we’ll be the judge of that.” Swift famously compared satire to a mirror in which people could see every face but their own: if Franken desires to be considered a connoisseur of the satirical, he might want to paste that line into his hat.”

He also has a go at the grinning, mugging and never knowingly undersmug Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.

But his wider point is this: liberal satirists rarely do the job satirists are supposed to do because they invariably go for the lazy target. They’ll mock the “Christian right” or “the Moral Majority”, but never dangerous topics like political Islam, or, say, the wilder excesses of black American religious demagogues:

“What you will not find, in any of this output, is anything remotely “satirical” about the pulpit of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, or any straight-faced, eyebrow-raising (and studio-audience-thigh-slap-triggering) mention of, say, The New York Times’s routine practice of captioning Al Sharpton as “the civil rights activist.””

What’s more, argues the Hitch, these liberal satirists aren’t even funny. Their humour is aimed at “audiences who laugh not because they find something to be funny, but to confirm that they are—and who can doubt it?—cool enough to “get” the joke.”

Quite. And you could say exactly the same of their British equivalents: Mock The Week; Radio 4’s unfunny The Now Show; or that other veritable Prime Minister of Mirthlessness, The News Quiz, which appears to occupy a parallel universe in which Margaret Thatcher’s evil Conservatives are still in power and can only be defeated by the rapier put downs of Socialist comedian Jeremy Hardy.

Also, compare and contrast the (essentially) right-libertarian-leaning satirical website The Daily Mash with the rival website News Biscuit (or Soggy Biscuit, as some are terming it, after the popular schoolboy and Merchant Navy game) set up by left-liberal comedian John O’Farrell. One’s funny, one isn’t. Go figure.

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Et Tu, Eddie Izzard?

Does anyone else share my dismay that comedian Eddie Izzard is thinking of standing, not just as an MP, but as a Labour MP?

In the days before Izzard, comedy was aggressively, tediously political: all you had to do in the Alternative [to] Comedy Eighties was say “Thatch” in a sneery Ben Elton voice to get a roar of smug, consensual, right-on approbation from the audience.  Izzard – and his contemporaries – changed all that. They took the politics out and put the humour back in. They made it safe for even evil fascist bastards (as they would no doubt secretly term people like me) to laugh at comedy again.

So why must they all insist on ruining it by outing themselves as card-carrying libtards? Ricky Gervais is a genius, one of the funniest people ever to walk the earth. But how, exactly does it help his reputation for fearless irreverance towards the politically correct pieties of the day when he talks about animal rights – and supports the campaign for guardsmen’s bearskins not to be made of real bear fur?

Peep Show: again, pure comedy genius. As indeed were the first few series of Mitchell and Webb. But now David Mitchell appears on Question Time and has a Observer column in which he finds new ways each week of saying “I think Tories are a bunch of chumps” and suddenly it becomes that little bit harder as a right wing person to laugh at his funny sketches about Nazis because you’re thinking: “If he had his way, he’d have people like me up against the wall and shot.”

I felt similar disappointment a few years ago when I heard Bill Bailey – dear, lovely, warm Bill Bailey with his peace-and-love long hair and his Klingon impersonations and his genial brand of gentle, surreal comedy – talking about fox hunting with such snarling hatred you could have mistaken him for a member of the ALF. (Duh, Bill: fox hunting is the BEST!)

Whatever next? Russell Brand turning up to  support a G20 protest rally? TVs “Mister Angry Geriatriac” Richard (”I don’t believe it”) Wilson revealing himself as a life-long Labour supporter? Baldrick from Blackadder turning out to be a member of Labour’s National Executive? US comedian Bill Maher turning out to a rabid libtard with not a scrap of humour in his entire DNA?

You may laugh, readers. But mark my words, stranger things have happened in the bizarre world of comedy.

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  4. So now we can’t ever enjoy Peep Show again. Thanks, David ‘No but seriously, folks’ Mitchell


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Isn’t Black History Month a Bit Racist?

It’s Black History Month again. So the latest issue of Lambeth Life, the free magazine I pay through the nose for via my council tax, tells me. Apparently it’s “one of the most popular and exciting events in the council’s calendar.”

Highlights will include “calypso sessions, steel pan workshops and sessions focussing on African costumes and African masks, plus information and worksheets in all Lambeth libraries.” And a session in storytelling and percussion from Winston Nzinga. And a special exhibition dedicated to the work of black Seventies feminist activist Olive Morris. My kids are champing at the bit already.

What puzzles me about all this, though, is that I thought the Multiculturalist experiment was over. Now that even people like Trevor Phillips (of the Equality and Human Rights Commission) have come round to realising that Multiculturalism, far from promoting racial harmony, is merely a state-endorsed, taxpayer-funded excuse for chippiness, division and the cult of Mary Seacole, surely it’s time that Black History Month was consigned to the dustbin of history.

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“I gladly fell prey to a cougar” | James Delingpole

September 30, 2009

“Would you mind awfully if I seduced you?” asked the attractive older woman sitting next to me on the bus, placing one hand meaningfully on my bare, suntanned thigh.

“Er, no,” I replied.

And I didn’t. Not one bit. I was 19; she – it later transpired – was 36, a lecturer at London University. And if there’s one thing you want above all else when you’re 19, it’s uncomplicated, deliciously meaningless sex with a good-looking woman who is totally up for it, knows what she’s doing, and isn’t secretly wishing that you were a bit older and more experienced because that’s not what she’s after. What she wants is your youth.

The woman – I’ve forgotten her name, unfortunately, but then we didn’t waste too much time exchanging CVs – was what I suppose would now be called a “Cougar”. These are the Mrs Robinson types, celebrated in the new Courteney Cox sitcom Cougar Town, who like to prey on the tender flesh of young men half their age.


Courtney Cox in her role as a ‘Cougar’ in the new American TV series, Cougar Town Photo: SCOPE

When you put it like that it does sound slightly vampiric, and I gather that some feminists are up in arms at this “ridiculous and belittling” depiction of the single older woman and female sexuality, which, so they say, owes more to stereotypical male fantasy than reality.

Well they’ve got the “male fantasy” bit right. Until it happens to you, you imagine it’s the sort of thing that only happens in “readers’ true experiences” pages in girlie mags. That’s why, as the seduction progressed, I kept having to pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming.

It was the summer of my first year at university, and I’d gone to the Greek island of Spetses because I liked John Fowles’s The Magus. There, on a beach, I positioned myself reasonably close to some nice-looking women who turned out to be a bit older than I thought. We got talking; we had an Ouzo or three; we took the bus back into town; and that’s when I received my kind offer.

There’s this great myth among adolescents that older women teach you all sorts of amazing sexual tricks. This isn’t really true – or at least it’s certainly not the most important thing they teach you. What I really learned from this magical, brilliant woman – thank you, whoever you are! – is that sex is something you can enjoy without hang-ups.

Too often in your early sexual years as a man, you’re made to feel as if sex is something you can only really get through trickery (either guile or more usually alcohol), that you’re a bit rubbish at it, and that you’re frankly rather squalid for having insisted on it so soon in the relationship. Older women have no truck with these games. They are as grateful for your efforts as you are for their instruction. It is the perfect symbiotic relationship.

That’s why I’m always deeply puzzled when a female teacher gets had up – and sometimes even put away – for having sex with one of her boy pupils. How can that possibly be right? First, it’s physically impossible for a woman to rape a man: if he’s capable, then he’s interested. Second, at least one – and preferably several – sexual encounters with an older woman is what every heterosexual male needs to make him better in bed and happier in his skin.


Silver Fox – A smooth and handsome older man who effortlessly snares young beauties with his wit and charm

Rhinoceros – A physically unappealing but asset-heavy sugar daddy with an array of trophy girlfriends and wives

Lion – A solid, faithful family man with multiple offspring and a stellar career

Gazelle – A lithe and beautiful twentysomething who preys on women old enough to be his mother

Cheetah – A sleek, heartless and youthful player who goes in for the kill – before bounding on to his next conquest

(to read more, click here)

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Gordon Brown: ‘Re-elect me and I will hang all paedophiles, restore grammar schools and create permanent world peace.’ | James Delingpole

September 28, 2009

They say his party is about as likely to win the next election as Polly Toynbee is to headline a 40-date sell out stand-up comedy season at the O2 Arena or Michael Moore to enter a burger joint and say: “I’ll stick to the salad today, thanks.”

But as Labour begins what many are saying is the last party conference before it is wiped off the face of the earth, I can today exclusively reveal Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s ten point masterplan to revive his political fortunes.

1. All Britain’s paedophiles to be rounded up and hanged at special community events across the nation. Lever to be pulled by much-loved, longstanding local lollipop lady – or similar. Government to provide free packets of Hula Hoops and two family size bottles of Tango for each, street-party style event.

2. Drivers whom you generously allow to pull out in front of you when it’s your right of way – but who then don’t say “Thanks” with a friendly wave of their hand, to be recorded on a raft of new “Motorist Courtesy Enforcement” cameras, and sentenced to death by stoning.

3. A new National Dog/Cat/Golf/Koran/Goat Curry And Ackee Fruit Enjoyment Day in which Dog-, Cat-, Koran-,Golf- and Goat-Curry-And-Ackee-Fruit Lovers will be given a day off work to enjoy their hobby.

4. National Blame A Banker Day. Bankers to be paraded in shackles, like downed B52 pilots in Hanoi, before classes of inner city primary school children who can – under teachers’ guidance – heckle them and blame them for the collapse of the global economy.

5. All decent, hard-working members of the Middle Classes to have their salaries trebled, starting the week before the General Election. This scheme will be funded by taxing all Fat Cats earning over £300,000 a year at 500 per cent of their income.

6. National Paedophile Disinterment Day. All paedophiles hanged in 1. to be disinterred from their unmarked paupers’ graves and trampled on by members of the community. Children to be given the day off school. Free Tango and Hula Hoops and Party Rings.

7. Stiffer new penalties ranging from exile to hanging, drawing and quartering for anyone found guilty of allowing their chewing gum or dog poo to get stuck on someone else’s shoe. Or of being found in possession of an unacceptably large bonus.

8. Government finances to be restored by the creation of a new “Company for carrying out an undertaking of great advantage, but nobody to know what it is.” Lord Mandelson will be its chairman; it will be run by the Dragon’s Den team. Will very likely put British economy back in the black by 2011, unless of course Conservatives get in and it will NEVER happen and no one will EVER know what the “undertaking of great advantage” will be which would be an awful pity because it’s brilliant and when you hear of it  you’ll kick yourselves.

9. Swingeing, far-reaching and totally irrevocable curbs on banker bonuses. Plus a live, fat-tail scorpion to be posted through the letter box of every City worker to remind them how evil they are.

10. Rigour to be restored to the curriculum; grammar schools to be brought back; the West Lothian question to be answered to everyone’s satisfaction; illegal immigration to be stamped on; local post offices to be re-opened; all railway lines to be restored to pre-Beeching-Report status; AA operatives to salute motorists; global warming to be halved by 2020; colony of cheery puffins to be established outside Tate Modern by 2014; letter to be given to every household asking what they most want, with Labour government to deliver their needs by 2016. All this to be supervised by newly promoted Minister Of Unconfined Joy, Ed Balls.

The Prime Minister denied that these were the idle, cynical, desperate, ideologically bankrupt promises of a man who at this stage of the game would say anything, up to and including promising the creation of permanent world peace to get himself re-elected.

“And another thing,” added Mr Brown. “You haven’t heard yet about my plans to create permanent world peace by 2030.”

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Climate fear promoter Jo Abbess has a science degree. Well done, Jo! | James Delingpole

September 27, 2009

I’ve just had an email from someone signing herself Jo Abbess Bsc wanting to know whether I did a science degree. She has written it up at her online-CV-cum-website.

Jo who? The name rang a vague bell so I Googled her.  Abbess, it turns out, was the blog bully who last year demanded the BBC censor a true story on its website about global cooling. She didn’t like the way it gave succour to evil Global Warming Deniers.

So she wrote to the BBC’s science editor Roger Harrabin a series of finger wagging emails, one of which went:

“It would be better if you did not quote sceptics. Their voice is everywhere on every channel.” [Really? She should try watching BBC sometime]. “They are deliberately instructing the emergence of the truth. I would ask: please reserve the main BBC Online channel for the emerging truth.”

When Harrabin replied, not altogether unreasonably, that there were no factual inaccuracies in his story, Abbess made a threat:

“I am about to send your comments to others for their contribution, unless you request I do not. They are likely to want to post your comments on forums/fora, so please indicate if you do not want this to happen. You may appear in an unfavourable light because it could be said that you have had your head turned by the sceptics.”

Harrabin got the message. (Not as though he is exactly the most neutral of reporters on AGW anyway, as anyone familiar with his  “polar bears melt and Tuvalu sinks while the coal-fired power stations of cigar-smoking capitalists belch unprecedented quantities of CO2 into Mother Gaia’s lungs” style of eco-reporting will know).

He caved in and amended his story so that it accorded more correctly with Fraulein Abbess’s particular weltanschauung.

You can read the full story here at the Register.

And now the woman’s on to me, Lord help us. No, Jo, love – unlike you I am not blessed with a physics degree from Warwick University. But does my humble arts degree really disqualify me from commenting on the wilder excesses of the self-flagellating, misanthropic, tendentious, dishonest and hysterical “green” movement?

Does anyone really need a science degree to understand that a five fold increase in the polar bear population between the 1950s and now does not constitute a catastrophic decline?

Is it really that scientifically demanding to work out that if computer models show global temperatures rising inexorably with CO2, and we suddenly enter a ten- or twenty-year period of global cooling, then there’s something a bit untrustworthy about those computer models?

Fortunately, as an English literature graduate, there are at least some areas of the green debate on which I am unquestionably fit to comment. Take this piece of  doggerel I found on the Guardian comments pages the other day, on the kind of thinking we all need to embrace if we are ever to heal the world:

The new thinking has to be something like this :-
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
The only way we make it out of here alive is if we believe, and act as if
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies
There are no enemies.

The author of this poem, I would say, makes William McGonagall look like Keats, has a lightness of touch that makes Polly Toynbee look like Noel Coward, and a depth of political insight which makes Tinky Winky Teletubby look like Thomas Jefferson. I’m sure the author of the piece who signed herself “Jo Abbess” cannot possibly be any relation of the distinguished Warwick University physics graduate who wrote asking about my academic credentials.

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3 Responses to “Climate fear promoter Jo Abbess has a science degree. Well done, Jo!”

  1. Bud says:September 30, 2009 at 1:51 amWho the fuck is Jo Abbess?Seriously, who?

    I mean, ignoring your non-existent grasp on the scientific issues of climate change, how have you managed to manufacture an entire crowing blog post about someone who no-one even knew existed until she emailed you?

    Grow up, James. Anyone with a degree in anything ought to know there is a difference between warning someone about losing credibility and censoring them, as if ‘Jo Abbess’ even had the power to do the latter. You more than anyone should know this, as the author of numerous irrelevent climate-denial crap.

  2. Samoys says:October 3, 2009 at 6:04 pmlot about you
  3. dilandinga says:October 4, 2009 at 8:46 pmMXAnbY I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!

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Lady Macbeth Sticks It to Berlusconi

Berlusconi: unimpressed by Lady Macbeth's exquisitely toned arm

Berlusconi: unimpressed by Lady Macbeths exquisitely toned arm

Check out the expression on poor Barack’s face. It’s that expression of pained forbearance every husband has worn at one time or another when his wife has landed him deep in the doodoo and there ain’t nothing he can do because she’s his missus, right or wrong, and it’s more than his life’s worth to tell her her mistake.

So I guess we’ll have to tell her instead:

Michelle, we know exactly what was on your mind when you hugged Merkel, Medvedev and, Lord save us, Gordon Brown, while pointedly snubbing Berlusconi. And of course we sympathise. Berlusconi is a lech and a creep. He is definitely not the kind of guy you’d want sitting next to you at a White House brown rice and tofu fundraiser for the Andrea Dworkin Memorial Foundation For The Empowerment Of Oppressed Wimminhood.

But he is still the Prime Minister of Italy.

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