Health Secretary Hancock Should Be Sacked for £18bn ‘Cash for Cronies’ Scandal


A High Court judge has ruled that Health Secretary Matt Hancock acted unlawfully in failing to publish multi-billion-pound COVID-19 government contracts within the 30-day period required by law.

This is a story that ought to be dominating every front page and leading every BBC news bulletin: the sums of taxpayers’ money which have been squandered in this procurement fiasco are truly scandalous; so shocking, indeed, that under normal circumstances this would bring an immediate end to the career of the minister responsible.

At least £18 billion worth of contracts for protective equipment has been handed out by the government in what the Mail has called ‘cash for cronies.’

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Woke History Audit Confuses Anti-Slaver with Slaver


A street in Wales has been put on the naughty step by the Welsh government because of its supposed historical associations with the slave trade. But the man after whom it is named was in fact one of Britain’s most ardent and heroic anti-slavers.

Peel Street in Wrexham is one of dozens of streets put on a warning list as part of a £170,000 audit — The Slave Trade and the British Empire — commissioned by the Welsh government in the wake of the briefly fashionable Black Lives Matter protests.

Though it doesn’t make it onto the Red danger list reserved for alleged monsters like Christopher Columbus, Lord KitchenerClive of India, and Francis Drake — “definite personal culpability” — it does make it onto the next-worst amber list marked “personal culpability uncertain”.

But the only reason it’s “uncertain” is because of the sloppiness of the woke crusaders who put the report together. They have confused Sir Robert Peel — the anti-slavery prime minister — with his slavery-supporting father.

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Schooling Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann on Climategate


Climategate was a conspiracy by ‘fossil-fuel-industry front groups, paid attack dogs, & conservative media outlets,’ claims Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann in his latest potboiler The New Climate War.

I do hope the rest of his book isn’t as inaccurate as this ludicrous, paranoid statement. Certainly, as one who was intimately involved in the Climategate – a dump of emails which showed the climate science Establishment in a highly dubious light – I can certify that Mann is talking utter nonsense here.

First,  ‘Climategate’. In his book, Mann tells us that ‘even the name’ Climategate was the product of a ‘carefully crafted narrative.’

Yeah, right. I popularised the name by writing the article that made it go viral. No craft and very little care went into choosing the name, as I wrote in my (highly prophetic) book Watermelons: How Environmentalists Are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy and Stealing Your Children’s Future.

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BoJo’s Green Policies Are Hitting the Poor Hardest

SALFORD, ENGLAND - MAY 16: General view of solar panels on houses around Mereside Grove in Worsley on May 16, 2019 in Salford, England. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Rebecca Long Bailey MP, Labour’s Shadow Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary are visiting the area to highlight the party’s …

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Net Zero policies are driving up energy bills by £10 billion a year and hitting the poor hardest, according to the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF).

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Britain Is Now a Tyranny. Only One MP Truly Gets This…

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 31: Met Police officers attempt to disperse crowds gathered on Westminster Bridge on December 31, 2020 in London, United Kingdom. New Year's Eve Celebrations have been curtailed in the UK this year dues to Coronavirus pandemic restrictions. With most of the UK in tiers three and …

‘There are loads of people who think it isn’t worth going on at the moment. And it’s about time some bloody Secretaries of State understood this! Existing isn’t living for many people!’

Congratulations to Sir Charles Walker MP, for telling it like it is on BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme. I’ve rarely heard a politician so righteously angry on that programme, nor yet one who has used a swear word.

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Climate Deaths ‘Will Be Worse than Covid’ Claims Mark Carney

mark carney

Mark Carney, the Canadian climate activist who was formerly governor of the Bank of England and an anti-Brexit campaigner, has claimed that climate deaths ‘will be worse than Covid.’

According to the BBC:

He told the BBC that while there were parallels between the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change, damage to the environment and ecosystems has the potential to cause many more deaths.

“One of the biggest issues is you cannot self-isolate from climate,” he said. “That is not an option. We cannot retreat in and wait out climate change, it will just get worse,” he told Talking Business Asia: The Climate Change Challenge.

“When you look at climate change from a human mortality perspective, it will be the equivalent of a coronavirus crisis every year from the middle of this century, and every year, not just a one-off event. So it is an issue that needs to be addressed now.”

Carney provided no evidence to back up his assertion – probably because there isn’t any.

As Indur Goklany demonstrated in a recent report, on almost every metric from standards of living to longevity ‘climate change’ is proving beneficial to mankind.

Furthermore, as Paul Homewood demonstrates here, ‘the number of people dying as a result of natural disasters is a tiny fraction of what it used to be, and there is no evidence that this trend will reverse.’

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Ten Years’ Jail for Lying About Your Holiday? This Is Pure Fascist Insanity

Britain's Health Secretary Matt Hancock speaks during a virtual press conference inside 10 Downing Street in central London on February 8, 2021, to give an update on the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic. - Undocumented migrants in Britain will still be able to get Covid vaccines without being subject to status checks, …

Just when you thought Coronafascism had reached peak insanity along comes another politician yelling ‘hold my beer!’. Today it is the turn of Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock with his genius new rule in which lying where you’ve been on holiday has now become an offence punishable with a 10-year jail sentence.

Let’s pause, for a moment, to relish the jack-booted, face-stomping totalitarian cruelty of the crazed dictator Hancock’s outrageous ruling.

What it means is that any Briton who returns to the UK from a holiday anywhere from the Cape Verde islands (a hugely popular winter sun destination) to the Seychelles, from South Africa or Tanzania, or even, ridiculously, from Portugal, must spend 10 days — and £1750 in expenses — in quarantine at some crappy, charmless hotel. And if they try to wriggle out of it by lying to the Border Control officer as to where they’ve been, then they face 10 years in prison.

Ten years in prison is the maximum term normally given for: rioting, making threats to kill, indecent assault, firearm possession, burglary with intent to commit rape; indecency with children under 14.

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Green Jobs Collapse in Germany and Go to China Instead. What a Surprise!

Climate and environmental activists dressed as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier display mockups of tiny windturbines and solarpanels during a demonstration in front of the Reichstag, the building which houses the Bundestag (lower house of parliament), asking for more renewable energy, in Berlin on October …

‘Green jobs’ in the German renewables sector have collapsed by 50 per cent in less than a decade. No prizes for guessing where they’ve gone instead – but here’s a clue: it begins with ‘C’ and ends with ‘-hina’.

According to Clean Energy Wire in their report of the findings of Europe’s largest trade union confederation:

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Study Disputes That Earth Is in a ‘Climate Emergency’


There is no “climate emergency”, according to a study for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by independent scientist Dr Indur Goklany.

Goklany concludes:

While climate may have changed for the warmer:

• Most extreme weather phenomena have not become more extreme, more deadly, or more destructive

• Empirical evidence directly contradicts claims that increased carbon dioxide has reduced human wellbeing. In fact, human wellbeing has never been higher

• Whatever detrimental effects warming and higher carbon dioxide may have had on terrestrial species and ecosystems, they have been swamped by the contribution of fossil fuels to increased biological productivity. This has halted, and turned around, reductions in habitat loss

The report will make hugely depressing reading for all the prominent environmental activists — from the Pope and Doom Goblin Greta Thunberg to the Great Reset’s Klaus Schwab — who have been pushing the “climate emergency” narrative. It is an article of faith for the globalist elite and their useful idiots in the media, in politics, in business, and the entertainment that the world is on course for climate disaster which only radical and costly international action can prevent.

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