Alarmist Scientists Are Trying To Hide The Good News That The Planet Is Getting Greener

The discovery was first announced in 2012 in a lecture by Professor Ryanga Myneni of the University of Boston.

Rising CO2 levels are causing the planet to get greener, Myneni revealed. In the last 30 years, he estimated, the planet’s greenery has increased by 14 per cent. About half of this, he calculated, was a direct result of increased carbon dioxide levels, rather than of other factors like warmth, irrigation or fertilisers. And the area covered is vast:  as Myneni’s co-author Zaichun Zhu, of Beijing University, puts it, it’s equivalent to adding a green continent twice the size of mainland USA.



What’s more, Myneni showed, this greening is taking place across the board, in all manner of vegetation: tropical rain forests, subarctic taiga, grasslands, semi-deserts, farmland, the lot.


We have reported on this greening before at Breitbart here and here – and, of course, it’s very good news. But it hasn’t been widely circulated in much of the media for reasons which will soon become clear.

The first person to break the good news was science author and journalist Matt Ridley, who wrote it up in the Wall Street Journal in a piece titled How Fossil Fuels Have Greened The Planet.

He began:

Did you know that the Earth is getting greener, quite literally? Satellites are now confirming that the amount of green vegetation on the planet has been increasing for three decades. This will be news to those accustomed to alarming tales about deforestation, overdevelopment and ecosystem destruction.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the notion that CO2 could be beneficial was not something the greenies wanted to hear. And that included the co-author of the study Ryanga Myneni, who did everything he could to discredit Ridley’s (entirely accurate) account of his study.

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Matt LeBlanc and Gazza: Soon All Jokes by Straight White Men Will Be Made Illegal

If you didn’t know the details, you might imagine he’d done something serious.

Nope. Here’s what happened:

Gascoigne was speaking at a venue in Wolverhampton, as part of his An Evening With Gazza tour, where audiences around Britain are paying upwards of £30 a head to hear anecdotes about Gazza’s days as a footballing legend.

At some point in the evening, Gazza made an ill-advised quip at the expense of a black bouncer standing in a darkened part of the auditorium. Gazza joked that he couldn’t see whether or not the security guard was enjoying himself because the venue was poorly lit.

Yes, you probably had to be there. It’s not the funniest joke ever told. But nor is it the kind of remark you’d ever imagine getting anyone hauled up before the courts. It’s just laddish banter of the kind you’ll often find when boozed up blokes are gathered together. There’s certainly no malice in it and in the old days – before the era of licensed victimhood and professional offence-taking – that security guard would perfectly well have understood this, in much the same way any white person would have done in the Seventies or Eighties had they been singled out as the butt of a joke by, say, Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy.

I originally reported that the bouncer had complained to the police – but it turns out I maligned the poor fellow. It wasn’t the black bouncer who complained but one of those grisly SJWs – often known as Offendotrons, usually white – whose speciality is to patronise ethnic minorities by taking offence on their behalf. This Offendotron reported to the police and the police, in accordance with the wishes of the rampantly politically correct Crown Prosecution Service, decide to make an example of Gazza.

Gascoigne, the judge claimed, is guilty of the “sort of insidious racism” which needs to be challenged.

Well I’m not so sure about that. My fear is that this kind of case, far from healing racial divisions in Britain is likely to exacerbate them by fostering a climate of mutual resentment and bitterness and a sense that “Britain is no longer a free country any more.” Which indeed it isn’t. In Britain – taking our cue from the identity politics victimhood culture of the US – our minority grievance industry has now become so powerful that you cannot even make a mildly tasteless joke without being dragged before the courts and treated like a criminal.

And it won’t be long – you can be sure – before jokes perceived as offensive to women result in similar court cases.

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Read: The Worst Article Written by Anyone Ever

When I first tweeted about this atrocity last week many readers followed my link in disbelief that any article – even one written by a hijab-wearing Sudanese-Australian special snowflake activist, published in the “Komment Macht Frei” section of the Guardian – could really be quite as bad as I claimed.

But then they read it. Some even got as far as the bit where Yasmin writes…

The stench of privilege hung heavy in the air, and I was reminded of my “place” in the world.

…and finally they realised that I had not lied. Many subsequently retired to their studies with a bottle of whisky and a pistol, having recognised that a world where someone like Abdel-Magied gets taken seriously enough to have her views published in a national newspaper (and get featured on a TED talk, with over 1.6 million views) is no longer a world worth inhabiting.

Yasmin’s article – which I strongly recommend you don’t read: it’s the newspaper equivalent of the cursed videotape in The Ring – is a prolonged, victim-y whine about the horrors of cultural appropriation, prompted by her experiences at an Australian literary festival in which she objected to a talk by the US-born novelist Lionel Shriver.

Shriver, author of We Need To Talk About Kevin, is not impressed by Generation Snowflake’s obsession with cultural appropriation. Though she didn’t actually wear a sombrero on this occasion (she has in the past), she found plenty of opportunities in her keynote speech at Brisbane Writers’ Festival to mock the ludicrous SJW fad.

So far, the majority of these farcical cases of “appropriation” have concentrated on fashion, dance, and music: At the American Music Awards 2013, Katy Perry got it in the neck for dressing like a geisha. According to the Arab-American writer Randa Jarrar, for someone like me to practice belly dancing is “white appropriation of Eastern dance,” while according to the Daily Beast Iggy Azalea committed “cultural crimes” by imitating African rap and speaking in a “blaccent.”

The felony of cultural sticky fingers even extends to exercise: at the University of Ottawa in Canada, a yoga teacher was shamed into suspending her class, “because yoga originally comes from India.” She offered to re-title the course, “Mindful Stretching.” And get this: the purism has also reached the world of food. Supported by no less than Lena Dunham, students at Oberlin College in Ohio have protested “culturally appropriated food” like sushi in their dining hall (lucky cusses— in my day, we never had sushi in our dining hall), whose inauthenticity is “insensitive” to the Japanese.

Seriously, we have people questioning whether it’s appropriate for white people to eat pad Thai. Turnabout, then: I guess that means that as a native of North Carolina, I can ban the Thais from eating barbecue. (I bet they’d swap.)
Among those in Shriver’s audience was Abdel-Magied, though it’s possible she didn’t hear this bit because half way through she found herself so horribly triggered by the whole experience that she felt compelled to walk out. And then to write an essay about her trauma, which the Guardian duly published.
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Hinkley Point C: Theresa May Has Just Failed Her First Big Test

Apparently not.

As bad decisions go Theresa May’s go-ahead for the Hinkley Point C nuclear reactor is right up there with the disastrous PFI deals made in the Tony Blair era. And for the same reasons: where was the cost-benefit analysis, where is the sense of fiscal responsibility, where is the respect or consideration for the taxpayers who’ve been saddled with the bill?

On almost any measure, the Hinkley Point C project is a truly spectacular waste of taxpayers’ money.

The EPR (European Pressurized Reactor) technology for which Britain is paying the French company EDF massively over the odds is already out of date. There are better, more modern alternatives – such as the APR1400 from South Korea – which could be brought on line more quickly and more cheaply.

The electricity it will eventually produce will be the most expensive in the world. Under a deal made by the ludicrous former Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey – described as one of the “worst in history” – Britain will be obliged to pay £100 per megawatt hour (in today’s terms – but it’s index-linked, so will be £125 by the 2025 start date) almost three times above the current market rate, for a period of 35 years.

Most of this is pure subsidy: the National Audit Office has calculated that it will add £30 billion to electricity bills over that period – or a total of £1,000 per household.

According to Paul Homewood that’s an underestimate. He believes the project may end up costing Britain a total of £84 billion at current prices – half of which will be in subsidies.

But perhaps the most worrying part is what it tells us about the character of Theresa May and Britain’s future prospects under her administration.

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A Pox on the Whiny Remainers Trying to Hijack Last Night of The Proms!

This is the concert at the Royal Albert Hall when all the Union flags come out, when English composers like Elgar and Vaughan Williams are celebrated, when the patriotic revellers lustily bellow Land Of Hope and Glory without a trace of fashionable irony or politically correct embarrassment.

So, of course, it’s inevitable that the whiny losers who were outvoted 52 to 48 in the EU referendum are seeking to hijack it in order to vent their kill-joy Europhile spleen on the patriotic majority who love their country and are much happier now it has voted to quit being the vassal of a weird Euro superstate run by power-crazed, socialistic nonentities.

As Breitbart London reported, some rejected Europhiles are planning to try to overwhelm the Union flags with horrid blue-yellow-starred European ones.

Yes. That will be popular with the boisterous Last Night crowd, I’m sure. Short of getting Eddie Izzard on as the warm up man to explain in five different languages why Brexit was such a dreadful mistake, I can’t think of a move better guaranteed to test the revellers’ traditional good-natured tolerance.

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WATCH: Delingpole Tells Green Leader ‘Hitler’s Germany Was Paradigm of Green Values’

By Breitbart London.

Speaking on the BBC’s Daily Politics, Breitbart London’s James Delingpole said that there are historical analogies that can be made to Nazism, and that is the liberal left’s war on free speech.

“I would defend the use of Nazi analogies under certain circumstances,” said Mr. Delingpole, and referred to Leave campaigner Michael Gove comparing pro-Remain economic experts to Nazi propagandists in the run-up to the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union (EU).

“He was making a very intelligent point. He was talking about the paper Hitler commissioned called ‘The Hundred Authors Against Einstein’ so that was a specific historical analogy.”

But in reference to former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown tweeting a comparison of the 17.5 million people who voted for Brexit as “brownshirts” – who were the precursor to the Nazi SS – said “I don’t think that quite works. That was the democratic will.”

“There are occasions when the Nazi analogy is used, particularly by the left, to slag off people they don’t like.

“Anyone mildly to the right of centre they call Nazis.”

“I think actually the interesting thing about Nazi Germany is that it happened in a country that invented Beethoven and Schubert. These were civilised people.

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Black Lives Matter Airport Protestors Were All White

This is only a theory, mind, but my deep concern is that this may have been a false flag operation by white racists on a sinister mission to make black people look lazy and stupid.

The evidence.

“Climate change is racist”. Was there ever a more dumb-assed slogan? Was there ever a cause-of-protest better guaranteed to lose all public sympathy and to attract ridicule and loathing? After all, if a natural phenomenon like “climate change” is racist then where does that put, say, snake bites or foreign aid or long- and short-distance running ability? And if pretty much everything in the world is racist, then doesn’t that kind of diminish the significance of the term?

Emergency services surround protestors from the movement Black Lives Matter after they locked themselves to a tripod on the runway at London City Airport in London on September 6, 2016. Flights at London City Airport have been delayed after Black Lives Matter protesters crossed the dock and "occupied" the runway. / AFP / DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS (Photo credit should read DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)

Emergency services surround protestors from the movement Black Lives Matter after they locked themselves to a tripod on the runway at London City Airport in London on September 6, 2016. (DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)

Spoilt trustafarians. If there’s one thing everybody loathes more than overindulged rich kids with fabulous trust funds who never have to do a real day’s work in their life, it’s overindulged rich kids with fabulous trust funds and egos so large they can’t see anything wrong with causing the delay or cancellation of 160 flights in order to parade their supposed moral virtue.


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It’s OK: Baths Are More Dangerous Than Terrorism, The Economist Reassures Us

At least I think that’s the subtext of the latest infographic from The Economist – house journal to Davos man, Euro technocrats and the rest of the globalist elite.


Terrorism is here to stay, get used to it, the Ecommunist advises:

TERRORIST attacks are fiendishly hard to prevent. Anyone can rent or steal a lorry and drive it at a crowd. Especially in America, it is all too easy to buy high-powered semi-automatic weapons that can kill scores of people in moments. Neither great planning nor great intelligence is required to carry out such attacks. Thus it seems likely that much of Europe and America will have to get used to acts of Islamist-inspired terrorism becoming, if not routine, at least fairly regular occurrences.

It goes on:

Barack Obama was correct when he said earlier this year that the danger of drowning in a bathtub is greater than that of being killed by terrorists. Baths are a one-in-a-million risk. Even if the terrorism deaths in San Bernardino and Orlando were doubled to give an annual death toll, the risk would still be about one in 2.5m.

Well yes. But so what? A bath is a soothing, relaxing experience whose charms not even that scene in A Nightmare On Elm Street has quite managed to ruin. You can read magazines; you can wallow in every variety of bubbles and scented, therapeutic oils; you can improve the dextrousness of your toes by turning the hot tap on and off with your feet; you can listen to the radio; you can think deep thoughts.

Also, baths – in the unlikely event that they are going to kill you – do not alert you to your imminent demise with a bloodcurdling scream of “Allahu Akbar”; nor do they torture you beforehand like happened to some of the victims at the Bataclan massacre in Paris; nor are they undiscriminating. If you die in the bath, chances are you’re going to be elderly or infirm and probably on your way out anyway.

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Irish Climate Bullies Censor Schools’ Textbook on ‘Global Warming’

Unlocking Geography, published by Folens, has been used for the last four years to teach sixth year students at Irish primary schools about phenomena such as climate change.

The global warming chapter originally featured a debate between an alarmist called Barry and a sceptic gloriously called James.

According to RTE:

In chapter ten of the book, ‘Barry’ a fictitious climate scientist outlines the effect that human activity is having on the environment.

He is followed by ‘James’, a fictitious meteorological researcher, who disagrees. James says “Most of the things that have led to Global Warming were caused by nature itself”.

He goes on to say that “Humans are not to blame because we have very little control over nature.

The chapter asks children to discuss these points of view.

It quotes from blogs that state “All this talk of Global Warming is silly”, and “Those scientists are always trying to scare us!”.

However, the chapter has now been amended after pressure from An Taisce – Ireland’s National Trust – which was alerted to the chapter by the daughter of one of its members.

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Keith Vaz: Dodgy MP Who Betrayed Salman Rushdie Finally Gets His Comeuppance

This is the question that almost nobody is asking about Keith Vaz, the disgraced MP exposed as having taken part in cocaine- and poppers-enhanced orgies with Romanian rent boys in one of the five houses he has managed mysteriously to accumulate in his parliamentary career.

And the reason no one’s asking it is because the answer is bleeding obvious.

Partly, it has to do with the fact that Vaz was a lawyer fluent in the language of evasion, litigiousness, and but-barely-veiled threats.

Mainly, I’d argue, it was because Vaz was prepared so shamelessly to play the race card in order not only to advance his political career, but also to render himself untouchable in a politically correct world obsessed with “celebrating diversity.”

An ugly early example of this was his betrayal of author Salman Rushdie, in the aftermath of the Iranian fatwa.

The scene is described in Rushdie’s memoir. In 1998, shortly after Rushdie had been sentenced to death by an Iranian cleric for having committed “blasphemy” in his book The Satanic Verses, Rushdie had a phone call with Vaz – then an up-and-coming MP in the heavily Muslim constituency Leicester East. Vaz said the fatwa was “appalling, absolutely appalling” and promised his “full support.”

Here’s what happened next: “A few weeks later he [Vaz] was one of the main speakers at a demonstration against The Satanic Verses attended by over three thousand Muslims, and described that event as ‘one of the great days in the history of Islam and Great Britain.’”

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