Brexit Project Fear Gives Way to Project Hysteria

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 19: Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney delivers a speech at the annual Peston Lecture at Queen Mary University on January 19, 2016, in London, United Kingdom. During his speech, Carney explained that it is not yet the time to raise interest rates …
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A No Deal Brexit will cause UK house prices to crash 30 per cent, the pound will be worth less than the dollar, and unemployment will rise by more than one million.

Or so says the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney.

But no one believes him, any more than they believe the claim – attributed to DEFRA Secretary Michael Gove — that Britain could run out of clean drinking water; nor the one from the government, claiming that it would cause a 9.3 per cent reduction in GDP; nor the most risible claim of the lot — that the surrender document on the table represents a “good deal that fulfils the vote.”

That last claim, by the way, comes courtesy of Prime Minister Theresa May. May was once asked what the naughtiest thing she’d done as a child and replied that it was “running through fields of wheat.” If that’s really the case, then she has been making up for lost time since. Certainly, I’d say that telling such blatant lies to the electorate when you’re prime minister comes rather higher up the sin list than disturbing a few sheaves of corn. If she were a company CEO and tried selling a deal on such a blatantly false prospectus she’d be out of her job in no time and facing heavy fines and a possible prison sentence.

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The National Climate Assessment Is a National Joke

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The National Climate Assessment has been out nearly a week and the verdict is in: everyone, but everyone – apart from the Obama holdovers who wrote it and the gullible reporters at CNN, theNew York Times and CBS who bigged it up – has recognised it for what it is. A joke.
Here are a few responses:

Climate expert Roger Pielke Jr: “Embarrassing.”

Climate expert Pat Michaels: “Systematically flawed.” Report should be “shelved”.

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore: “The science must be addressed head-on. If POTUS has his reasons for letting this Obama-era committee continue to peddle tripe I wish he would tell us what they are.”

Marc Morano, author of the Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change: “It is a political report masquerading as science. The media is hyping a rehash of frightening climate change claims by Obama administration holdover activist government scientists. The new report is once again pre-determined science. The National Climate Assessment report reads like a press release from environmental pressure groups — because it is! Two key authors are longtime Union of Concerned Scientist activists, Donald Wuebbles and Katharine Hayhoe.”

Donald Trump, climate skeptic; U.S. President: “Yeah, I don’t believe it.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary: “It’s not based on facts. It’s not data driven.”

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Green Gove Loses the Plot Completely

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 15: Michael Gove, the former Education Secretary, arrives in Downing Street on July 15, 2014 in London, England. British Prime Minister David Cameron is conducting a reshuffle of his Cabinet team with a greater number of women expected to be appointed to senior positions. (Photo by …
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Michael Gove has made a tit of himself yet again. Not Brexit, this time, but an excruciatingly stupid speech in his role as Secretary of State for the Department of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs.

It’s the kind of alarmist green guff you might have expected from a second-rater like Ed Davey or Ed Miliband. Definitely not from somebody known as one of the best read, most intellectually curious and diligent members of Theresa May’s Cabinet. (Not that this is an exactly crowded field now that most of the talent has left to campaign against her rubbish Brexit plan.)

The speech begins promisingly enough:

Everything we do at Defra has to be rooted in science. Whether it is reflecting on the future of food, farming or the marine environment, considering what our approach should be to the chemicals we use in agriculture, revising how we should manage our water resources, reviewing how we enhance biodiversity, assessing where the greatest productivity gains from new technologies might accrue or in a countless number of other different areas, policy must be shaped above all by evidence, reason and rigour.

But then Gove goes on to demonstrate a complete disregard for the “evidence, reason, and rigour” he claims to hold in such high esteem.

Paul Homewood has taken him apart completely.

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French Anti-Environmental Riots Could Signal the End of Green Tyranny

TOPSHOT - A picture taken on November 25, 2018 near the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris shows broken barriers a day after a rally by yellow vest (Gilets jaunes) protestors against rising oil prices and living costs. - Security forces in Paris fired tear gas and …
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Hundreds of thousands of protestors all over France have beendemonstrating for the last eight days. Mostly the protests have been peaceful if disruptive, but some like the ones in Paris have turned violent.

The police have used tear gas and water cannon; there have been dozens of arrests and at least two deaths. But amid the misery and mayhem, there’s one small crumb of consolation: these protestors could be ringing the death knell for the green tyranny which has held the West in its thrall for the last four decades.

Unlike the rabble of UK eco-activists who’ve been irritating Londoners over the last couple of weekends (blocking traffic; gluing themselves to the doors of government buildings; trying to get arrested), the protestors in France think environmentalism is the problem, not the solution.

Material burns during a protest of the yellow vest (yellow vest) movement against rising oil prices and living costs as night falls, at The Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysees in Paris, on November 24, 2018. / BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images

French president Emmanuel Macron had broken a new record becoming the most unpopular French president in history at this stage of his presidential term according to polls.

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Britain’s Worst Ever Prime Minister May Yet Save Brexit

NORTH SHIELDS, ENGLAND - MAY 12: Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to party supporters as she campaigns in the North East of England during a visit to the Linskill Centre on May 12, 2017 in North Shields, United Kingdom. The visit takes the Prime Minister to a traditional heartland of …
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Lord North is often held to be Britain’s worst ever prime minister because he was the one that lost America.

But I really think this claim does the current incumbent a terrible disservice. Lord North, after all, has been vindicated by history: Britain and America have thrived since their divorce. No one, though, is ever going to be able to view Theresa May kindly with hindsight, no matter how many aeons pass.

Theresa May is without question the worst prime minister in British history.

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Brown Fiddled While California Burned

Park Billow, 27, sprays water on the hot spots in his backyard as the Woolsey Fire burns in Malibu, Calif., Friday, Nov. 9, 2018. Authorities announced Friday that a quarter of a million people are under evacuation orders as wind-whipped flames rage through scenic areas west of Los Angeles and …
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Ever since President Trump tweeted about the real cause of the California wild fires, celebrities, union leaders, activists and leftist politicians have been lining up to tell us how evil and wrongTrump is.

But the more evidence emerges, the more it appears that Trump was dead right to blame “poor” forest management for the California fires.

And who was responsible for that poor management? Why only the guy who has been busily trying to point the finger of blame at Trump: California Governor Jerry Brown.

California’s fire problem is summed up here by CFACT’s Bonner Cohen:

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No, Narcos, those who’ve had the odd puff and cheeky line aren’t to blame for the drug wars

Diego Luna as Felix Gallardo in Netflix's latest series of Narcos. Photo: Carlos Somonte / Netflix
Diego Luna as Felix Gallardo in Netflix’s latest series of Narcos. Photo: Carlos Somonte / Netflix

Plus: congratulations to Peter Jackson for one of the most superb pieces of trolling I’ve ever witnessed on TV in They Shall Not Grow Old.

Narcos is back on Netflix, set in Mexico this time, with a cool, world-weary, manly voiceover swearily lecturing us at the beginning that if we smoked sensemilla in the 1970s, then we were partly responsible for the bloody, endless drug wars that went on to kill more than half a million people.

Oh really? Sensemilla (derived from the Spanish for ‘without seeds’) is the kind of product of human ingenuity and free markets we should be celebrating, not decrying. It’s more compact than bog-standard weed, making it easier for entrepreneurs to ship, thereby increasing their profit margins. It affords a sweeter-tasting hit and a more euphoric high, thereby giving greater pleasure to the consumer.

Of course I empathise with the victims of the drug wars, such as the 43 students kidnapped and massacred in Iguala, Mexico, in 2014. 

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Ten Years of the Climate Change Act – History’s Most Expensive Virtue Signal

LONDON - DECEMBER 08: A climate change protestor walks near Parliament on December 8, 2007 in London. Demonstrators are gathering in more than 50 countries around the world. The worldwide protests coincide with the UN Climate talks in Bali and are calling for urgent action from world leaders to prevent …
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It’s the tenth anniversary of the most stupid, pointless and wasteful piece of legislation ever passed in British parliamentary history: the 2008 Climate Change Act.

If you want to loathe and despise the political class even more than you do already, I heartily recommend a read of the damning report that Rupert Darwall has compiled for the Global Warming Policy Foundation. Keep a bottle of whisky and your service revolver handy for when you’re done.

Darwall describes the Climate Change Act (CCA) as “history’s most expensive virtue signal.”

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UN Environment Chief Forced to Resign for Racking up Too Many Air Miles…

Erik Solheim, United Nations Environment Executive Director and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations addresses the first annual African Ranger Awards ceremony in Cape Town on August 7, 2018.

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The head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)  has been forced to resign after building up an “obscene” carbon footprint. Former Norwegian diplomat turned green UN boss Erik Solheim racked up so many air miles at such enormous expense that disgusted donor nations had started to withhold funds.

According to the Guardian:

The Guardian understands Solheim was asked to resign by the UN secretary general, António Guterres. Sources at the UN Environment Programme (Unep) said that countries unhappy with Solheim’s conduct were holding back tens of millions of dollars, threatening a financial crisis at the body.

A draft internal UN audit leaked to the Guardian in September found Solheim had spent almost $500,000 (£390,000) on air travel and hotels in just 22 months, and was away 80% of the time. The audit said this was a “reputation risk” for an organisation dedicated to fighting climate change.

A UN staff union leader called some of the revelations “mind-blowing” and a prominent climate scientist accused Solheim of “obscene CO2 hypocrisy”.

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