Chicken Little jumps the shark

When I heard Chris Huhne’s proposal that the new 80mph speed limit should apply to electric cars only, I knew it could only be a joke.

Cartoon by Fenbeagle.

No one, not even an alleged economics “expert” who had argued so wholeheartedly for the Euro a few years back, could be quite that wilfully perverse, surely?

Apparently, though it’s true.

Just like the story about him comparing Baroness Warsi to Dr Goebbels for her extremely Nazi-like crime of, er, saying “No to AV” was true. And the story about him being caught on Twitter briefing against Theresa May was true. And the one about him casually trying to smear another of his cabinet colleagues Phil Hammond (in the same weekend) was true.

All this might be more amusing than it is if Huhne didn’t wield such extraordinary power. He is the man behind the costly, pointless drive for “renewables” which is not only blighting the British countryside but threatening to drive one in four households into fuel poverty as we approach the third bitterly cold winter in succession.

The Government faces demands to tear up or delay plans to force through a £200billion shift to wind turbines, wave power and new nuclear power stations.

Energy industry analyst Martin Brough, of Deutsche Bank, warned that a quarter of households could be driven into fuel poverty by 2015.

He said: ‘Our analysis suggests rising energy bills and sluggish income growth will make household energy less affordable than at any time since the oil shocks of the 1970s.’

Energy tariffs have leapt by around 20 per cent in the past year, pushing up the annual average bill to £1,293. Deutsche Bank predicts bills will rise by another 25 per cent – around £325 – by 2015, taking the figure to £1,618.

The shift to green energy is being driven by the EU and commitments made by both the last Labour government and the Coalition, based on the support of Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne.

What makes his stance more disgraceful yet is that he is quite deliberately standing in the way of the miracle development which could not only save the British economy at its darkest hour of need but also solve the fuel poverty problem at a stroke: shale gas.

Why does he do these terrible things? And more to the point, how does he go on getting away with it?

Huhne’s swaggering arrogance and brinkmanship, I fear, is not unakin to that of all those rioters who “owned” the streets of London for the best part of three days in the summer. They got away with it because they could. In the rioters’ case it was because they understood British policing policy had grown so touchy-feely and lax that they could loot and burn almost with impunity. In Huhne’s case it’s because he knows that Cameron is so desperate to avoid a split in his bastard Coalition that he can get away with murder. (Literally, probably. I’m trying to think what might make Cameron reconsider. Starting a nuclear war with China? Genocide?)

This really has gone on long enough. Having Huhne in charge of Britain’s energy policy is like having Homer Simpson run the Springfield Nuclear power plant in the middle of a meltdown. The fact that Cameron can’t see this speaks volumes about his lack of judgement. If he’s going to ditch Liam Fox, as I suspect he will, then he must – he absolutely must – make it a two for one deal and get rid of Huhne too.

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