CAFOD Where Your Money Goes


Some of my best friends are Catholics, including at least two of my very favouritest bloggers. So no I don’t agree with Lord and Lady Whiteadder on Blackadder II that “Cold is good. Cold is God’s sign that we should burn more Catholics.”

Then again, you do wonder sometimes. Especially when you read press releases like this. It’s from the Catholic aid agency CAFOD and tells us, without any apparent embarrassment, how some of their donors’ money is going to be spent at the grotesque display of profligacy and idiocy celebrated in the video below. (H/T Watts Up With That).

Dear All,

I hope you’re well. I’m heading out to Cancun from Sunday for the full two weeks of the summit and I hope to see you there.

CAFOD has new spokespeople this year and I’m pleased to introduce our Climate Change Researcher Dr Jasber Singh, whose short biog is below:

Dr Jasber Singh is researching climate change from the point of view of marginalised women and men in developing countries. This ongoing research feeds into CAFODs policy work, as well as acting as a platform advocating for the participation of marginalised and voiceless people in the UNFCCC and other policy mechanisms. Previously, Jasber worked with two NGOs in India focusing on indigenous peoples’ experiences of carbon mitigation projects in relation to land displacement, food security and gender. Jasber has expertise in food security, participation of the marginalised, indigenous people, gender and environmental justice in the context of climate change.

The Pope seems a pretty sound fellow. I wonder what he makes of all this rot?