Rowan Williams May or May Not Be the Antichrist

Archbishop Rowan Williams

The most evil man in the universe, possibly

I am a bit worried about the Rev Dr Magister. Or the Archbishop of Canterbury, as he is known these days. It seems to me that behind that wild, comedy-wizard beard and those gnomic, overintellectual pronouncements and Rev JC Flannel platitudes lurks a malign spirit of genuinely evil purpose and influence. And I’m not the only one to have noticed. So has Martin Durkin.

In a characteristically brilliant essay titled Evil Dressed Up As Good, Durkin notes the paradox of the modern Church: that while expressing much concern for issues like the plight of the poor and the state of the planet, it persistently champions policies guaranteed to make the poor poorer and the planet more ruinously ruined than ever.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is writing a book in which he lambasts the government for shrinking the State.  In its current ‘shrunken’ form, the state accounts for around half of the UK economy.  This is evidently sinful.  It should be bigger, presumably like the economies of the former communist countries of Eastern Europe.  Anglicanism has become extremely political.  The Archbishop’s Council has just reprimanded the government for vetoing changes to the EU treaty last December and warned them not to think of leaving the EU.  In his speech at the St. Paul’s service to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee, the Archbishop cursed bankers and said we ought to look after the environment and be less greedy.  A short while ago the churchmen were expressing support for the posh anti-capitalist demonstrators outside St. Paul’s.

It is not just any old politics the church embraces.  It is the big State, high tax, green, protectionist, Keynesian politics of the left and fascist right.  But as many people have pointed out, once the sanctimonious veneer is stripped away, these polices have been shown not to be in the interests of ordinary people. Socialism promised to liberate and enrich the masses, but it was discovered long ago that it did the exact opposite.  Indeed so many of the bishops’ rants seem to be directed against the interests of the world’s poorest.  The E.U. (so beloved of the bishops) is a protectionist club which, it is well known, has caused untold misery to African and Asian farmers, and has also raised the cost of food enormously for everyone in Europe (needless to say, the poorest are hardest hit).  The green bandwagon, onto which the bishops have jumped with such fervour, is clearly directed against the world’s poorest people on so many fronts – preventing them from using DDT to keep malaria at bay, preventing them from using inorganic fertilizers and pesticides and herbicides and GM crops in order to grow more food, preventing them from using the cheapest forms of electrical generation in order to join the modern world, and so on.

Isn’t this the kind of crazy stuff the Book of Revelations warns us about? Isn’t it another of those absolutely cast-iron signs that the End Times are approaching, when men of God form unholy alliance with the forces of tyranny and oppression and injustice and grinding poverty?

Problem is, I’m really only half joking here.

Anyone with eyes to see realises that we’re on the edge of a precipice here. Allister Heath at City AM gets it. Douglas Carswell gets it. Niall Ferguson gets it.

Among those who don’t get it are: Laurie Penny; the cast of 10 O’Clock Live; 99 per cent of the Church of England; Owen wotsisface; Ben Goldacre; Simon Singh; Graham Linehan; Sir P Nurse; the Coalition government; the EU; 85 per cent of everyone on Twitter; the Leveson inquiry; the EU; the UN; that tax bloke from Norfolk who pops up on the radio all the time with his insane Neo-Keynesian drivel.

Friends, allies: we have our work cut out. Victory is by no means certain. But the consequences of failure are unthinkable.

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  1. Mark Taylor says:8th July 2012 at 11:33 am…. it just might be impossible to reasonably explain mass societal self-delusion on an apocalyptic scale. It all reminds me of the greatest sci-fi flick of all times, Forbidden Planet, where we, like the Krell, are being destroyed by ‘monsters from the Id’. To what lengths will mankind go to absolve themselves of their original sin….. the God-given gift/curse of self-consciousness…. the awareness that we alone stand outside of nature and all of creation looking in.

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