Soros-Paid Activist Comes Horribly Unstuck Trying to Diss Candace Owens on Twitter

Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty

This story — involving some inspired detective work from Twitter’s resident crazed genius threadmeister Thomas Wictor — is probably the best thing you’ll find anywhere on the internet all day.
The reason it’s so deliciously satisfying is that it’s one of those rare moments when the regressive left is caught red-handed engaging in one of its favorite tricks: lying through its teeth in order to make conservatives look bad.

In this case, the conservative being victimized is Candace Owens.

And the victimizer — posing as just a concerned ordinary member of the public — is a liberal activist who works for none other than George Soros.

Owens’s initial tweet, as you’ll see, was provocative and undoubtedly designed to annoy liberals. Had they responded in kind that would have been entirely legit.

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