Climategate: What Would the Gipper Do?

Climategate is a Conservative issue.

Conservatives believe in a small state. The Climategate scientists are part of a global conspiracy to expand it.

Conservatives are pragmatists who believe “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But Al Gore’s AGW agenda is about spending vasts sums of public money on a problem than doesn’t exist.

Conservatives are empiricists, with no time for idealistic fantasies about how much better the world could be if only you tortured human nature enough. That’s why they instinctively distrust the shady machinations of all those scientists, agitators and politicians who insist Global Warming is a serious threat while failing to present sufficiently convincing evidence.

So I’ve a lot of time for the latest proposal from the US that all future Republican Party candidates should first pass a Ronald Reagan test.

The Gipper understood it, perhaps more clearly than any Conservative before or since: “Government is not the solution. Government is the problem”, he said.

So I don’t think we need be in any doubt where the Gipper would have stood on AGW. Nor what he would have thought of Benedict Arnolds like the eight Cap and Traitor Republicans who helped the House of Representatives pass the biggest tax increase in US history – aka Cap and Trade – last Summer. Nor yet of the even more nauseating South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham who, though allegedly a Republican, has been collaborating with John Kerry to push this utterly disastrous, economy-destroying measure through the Senate.

Luckily we can be pretty confident that of what is going to happen to these RINOs next time they come up for election. The same thing that is about to happen to the leader of Australia’s conservative party the Liberals, Malcolm Turnbull.

But what of Cameron’s Conservatives? I’ll discuss that in another blog. The thought is too depressing and besides I think if too many US readers read my thoughts on this subject they might well be tempted to abandon what little faith they had left in the future of this benighted isle. Or possibly – and I know that this is what I’d do if I had control of America’s red button – nuke us out of pity and despair.

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