Brexit Is Going to Happen, Whatever the Experts Say…

(L) Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May attends a ceremony to hand over the bell of the SS Mendi with the South African President, on August 28, 2018 in Cape Town, as part of a three-day, three-nation visit to Africa focused on post-Brexit trade ties. (Photo by MIKE HUTCHINGS / POOL …

Remainer Conservatives like Anna Soubry are worried that the party is being infiltrated by right-wing entryists from UKIP and elsewhere and that this may lead to Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister and Britain securing full Brexit.


That is the point, you pillocks.

That is exactly what the majority of people want.

If democracy means anything at all in Britain, then Theresa May must deliver on the promise made by her predecessor David Cameron and honour the decision made by 17.4 million people in the EU Referendum.

That means: no Customs Union; no Single Market; no freedom of movement; no lunatic judicial interference from semi-literate Euro judges; no blood money; no Frenchmen nicking our fish — and absolute freedom to do whatever the hell we like politically and economically thereafter.

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