RIP David Bellamy – Nature TV Star Cancelled by BBC for Climate Change Wrongthink

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David Bellamy is dead — and if his name doesn’t mean much to you that is largely the fault of the disgusting BBC.

For a decade or so from the ’70s onwards, botanist and environmentalist Bellamy was just about the biggest nature star on British TV, only equalled in celebrity by his fellow David, David Attenborough.

In some respects, Bellamy was the more famous and better-loved character, especially when comedian Lenny Henry spoofed him as a bearded eccentric with the catchphrase “gwapple me gwapenuts”.

(Bellamy was easy to impersonate because he pronounced his ‘r’s as ‘w’s – a condition known as ‘rhotacism’).

Attenborough specialised in wildlife; Bellamy in plants; both were superstars, even back in the 1970s; both were well on their way to becoming national treasures.

But only one of them did. What happened to Bellamy?

Simple. Bellamy was an early victim of what is now known as cancel culture.

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Boris Johnson and the Green Death

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In the days before Doctor Who got woke and went broke, there was a famous storyline in which the Doctor faced gigantic maggots spewing deadly radioactive green slime. Just like George Monbiot, the maggots lived in Wales.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson would almost certainly have watched this terrifying serial (starring Jon Pertwee) — Doctor Who and the Green Death — as a child.

But little can young Bozza have realised that when he grew up he would have to face this horror for real. Not giant maggots, exactly, but something no less creepy and wriggly and relentless — the pullulating creatures of the Climate Industrial Complex, hungry for world domination.

Here, for example, is Lord ‘Trougher’ Deben of the Climate Change Committee, urging in an open letter to the Prime Minister that yet more taxpayer billions need to be spunked up against the wall to deal with the non-existent problem of “climate change”.

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How the green lobby smears its enemies

To those of us who were children between the early 1960s and and the early nineties, Johnny Ball was always something of hero.

Johnny Ball

Johnny Ball

First he presented Play School, later he presented the maths entertainment series Think Of A Number. We liked Johnny. He was always smiling, always engaging. He was one of us. Then later, he went on to enjoy even greater credibility by being the dad of Radio 1 (now Radio 2) DJ Zoe Ball and therefore the father in law of DJ Norman Cook aka Fat Boy Slim.

So it saddens me greatly to read today how his career has been blighted as a result of smear campaigns over his climate change scepticism:

Bloggers have run campaigns stating Mr Ball ‘should not be allowed near children’.

And an imposter has even tried to cancel his booking at a training day for maths teachers in Northampton.

In a sinister twist, websites have also been set up in his name which contain pornographic images.

Mr Ball, a 72-year-old grandfather, believes his career has been destroyed and says his bookings have fallen by 90 per cent since the smear campaign began four years ago. Police are investigating his claims.

Something very similar, of course, has happened to another popular children’s TV presenter and science communicator of the same generation, botanist David Bellamy:

The sad fact is that since I said I didn’t believe human beings caused global warming I’ve not been allowed to make a TV programme.

My absence has been noticed, because wherever I go I meet people who say: “I grew up with you on the television, where are you now?”

It was in 1996 that I criticised wind farms while appearing on Blue Peter and I also had an article published in which I described global warming as poppycock.

But though this saddens me, it doesn’t at all surprise me for I’ve had a taste of this myself.

Last year, for example, a young man from the ferociously warmist British Antarctic Survey set up a website (now defunct I believe) with a hyperlink which took the visitor straight to ecopropaganda central RealClimate. (My real website remains More recently, someone has set up a fake Twitter account in the name of someone called James Dellngpole which spews the Twittersphere with the kind of lame, laboured jokes you’d expect from a committed eco-zealot. Then, of course, there’s the special tribute page created in my honour by the unfortunately-named organisation CACC (Campaign against Climate Change: hon president – G Monbiot; hon VP – Caroline Lucas MP), which issues a daily sceptic alert to direct activist trolls to posts such as this one.

Most flattering of all, I suppose, is The Carbon Brief – a spiffy new lavishly funded webpage designed to counter climate scepticism with the help of sneery little biogs of dangerous extremists such as Lord Monckton, Christopher Booker, Benny Peiser, Bjorn Lomborg and James Delingpole. Needless to say, it gives a free pass to such lovely, cuddly folk (check out the photo: scary) as Bob Ward and George Monbiot, who emerge as He-Man and Battle Cat to James Delingpole’s Skeletor. (Mind you I’ve always much preferred Skeletor, especially in the earlier episodes where he was properly scary: I think to be honest, He-Man is way too Tom of Finland and Battle Cat is a total wuss).

What’s particularly touching is the way the site shows such concern for my mental health: (H/T Barry Woods at Watts Up With That?)

Delingpole has written about the “imbecilic liberal-leftist philosophy of “multiculturalism”” in a column which described the BNP as “not nearly so dangerous as the liberal commentators who write meaningless ‘Thought For The Day’ drivel”. He has described his experience of suffering from manic depression in the Daily Mail.

All this is paid for by the lavishly funded European Climate Foundation. I’m sure the sponsors – see below – must be very proud of the work they are doing in helping promote open debate in the important field of climate science.

The Arcadia Fund

The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

The ClimateWorks Foundation

The McCall MacBain Foundation

The Oak Foundation

The Sea Change Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

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5 thoughts on “How the green lobby smears its enemies”

  1. Chris P says:20th February 2011 at 6:34 pmHe’s a raving idiot with no clue about science. Keep him away from children.
  2. James W says:23rd February 2011 at 12:56 am@chrisp

    Actually, I think someone like you should be kept away from children.

  3. Fearless Frank says:23rd February 2011 at 4:44 amHey Delingpole, how about a story about the nutjob libertarian lobbies who do not have time to read scientific literature but have plenty to smear scientists.
  4. JimmyGiro says:23rd February 2011 at 2:10 pmFearless Frank (any relation to Fearless Fred ?) wrote:
    “…nutjob libertarian lobbies who do not have time to read scientific literature but have plenty to smear scientists.”

    Meets Chris P, with:
    “He’s a raving idiot with no clue about science. Keep him away from children.”

    Since you two are presumably well versed in science, and no doubt allowed near children, why is it that environmental scientists fail to convince grown ups, whilst mainly focussing on kids; which they persuade through fear and orthodoxy?

    I recall some of my science teachers being somewhat austere in their lecturing styles, but I can’t recall any lesson in physics or chemistry that ended in: “only paedophiles deny e=mc^2″, or “failing to master crystal field theory, indicates the onset of dementia.”

  5. Paul says:25th February 2011 at 11:02 pmJames, I love your blog. I urge you to read this. It’s a long read so if you’re in a hurry read the preamble on page one and then go straight to page seven. Arrrgh.

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Remember When Ecologists Used to Give a Damn about Birds and Trees and Stuff?

I do. When I was growing up, nature was something you appreciated for what it was. Something whose beauties you marvelled at and whose wonders you were taught to admire at school. You knew how to tell the difference between a smooth and a great crested newt; between a red admiral and a peacock; you studied the habitats of gall wasps; you counted worms; on nature walks you listened to the moan of doves in immemorial elms; you watched botany pwogwammes pwesented by a weally enthusiastic man who couldn’t pronounce his “rs” called David Bellamy.

This all came back to me when I read about Bellamy’s latest plan – under the auspices of the Conservation Foundation – to restore the English elm by planting 10,000 saplings. Grown from the  cuttings of some of the few hundred apparently disease-resistant elms that remain in Britain, they will replace the victims of one of the greatest British ecological disasters of our lifetime: the Dutch elm disease which killed around 25 million trees and changed our landscape forever.

What a hero! And I don’t just mean regarding the elm. David Bellamy is the British equivalent to one of those dissident scientists they used to persecute in the Soviet Union for refusing to follow the acceptable political orthodoxy. In British science’s case, of course, that orthodoxy is Anthropogenic Global Warming. Cast doubt on AGW, as Bellamy has done, and you are considered anathema by the “scientific community”. This is why he lost his 15-year long presidency of the charity Plantlife and also why he was booted out of his job as president of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts. You’ll notice he doesn’t get used an awful lot by the BBC these days either. Gee, I wonder why that could be.

Yet when it comes to loving the planet, Bellamy is the real deal. He cares so passionately about nature that he got himself arrested in 1983 for blockading the Franklin River in Australia to try to stop a proposed dam. In the Eighties, he did more than anyone on British television to communicate the joys of botany. This man genuinely believes what all naturalists should believe  that nature is something to be cherished, preserved, and perhaps above all enjoyed. No doubt this is why is he is such a fierce opponent of wind farms on sites of natural beauty.

But how many scientists involved in the field of nature and conservation actually do think this way any more? Passing few. Look in the papers: almost every story involving nature you will ever read has been skewed to accommodate the prevailing meme that it’s all dying off due to climate change and it’s mostly our fault. Look at how the subject is now taught in schools: not “hello trees, hello sky” but “Eeek! We’re all doomed!”. Zoos are no longer jolly places for kids to gawp at unusual beasts while Johnny Morris does the amusing voiceover, but thinly disguised animal concentration camps; butterflies are no longer to be differentiated for all that really matters is that you know that species are in catastrophic decline thanks to ‘climate change (quite untrue incidentally: habitat loss plays a far more important role in this); nature is no longer a pleasure but a stick with which to beat ourselves because of our carbon emitting sins.

So three cheers for David Bellamy – unlike so many of the green movement’s hair-shirt miserabilists – a true lover of nature.

Three cheers too for the Conservation Foundation. If you’ve a second, go and visit its website and see some of the things it does. (Alright so there’s a bit of guff about ‘diversity’ but then, how else can a charity get on these days?). It has helped turn an old sewage treatment plant into a wildflower meadow; it has restored the roach to the Hampshire Avon; it tries to protect Britain’s ancient yews; it wants to preserve the large blue butterfly; now it’s bringing back the elm.

One of the more poisonous myths put about by the International Climate-Fear-Promotion Movement (prop: Al Gore) is that if you’re not with them, you must perforce be some kind of crazy, Gaia-raping, nature-hating scumbag in the pay of Big Oil. Bellamy is living proof that this just is not so. More power to his elbow!

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