Trump Is Right, the Greenies Are Lying – Patrick Moore Did Co-Found Greenpeace

A grafiti by street artist TVBoy shows a scene of famous Italian movie 'La Dolce Vita' with actors Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg, on November 14, 2017 in Rome. This initiative of environmental NGO Greenpeace with the street artist Tvboy is part of the campaign 'Clean Air Now' to denounce …

President Trump has tweeted in support of Greenpeace co-founder turned arch climate skeptic Patrick Moore.

So naturally, the Climate Industrial Complex has responded as only it knows how.

Not, of course, by trying to refute Moore’s arguments. (That would be tricky: the truth is that there is no climate crisis and the great global warming scare is Fake Science)…

…but by trying to airbrush Moore out of Greenpeace’s history by claiming that he was not one of the founders of the organisation.

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Trump Is Right – Renewables Are an Expensive Joke

US President Donald Trump Florida Governor Rick Scott and First Lady Melania Trump hand out bottles of water as they tour damage from Hurricane Michael in Lynn Haven, Florida, October 15, 2018. - President Donald Trump visited Florida on Monday, nearly a week after Hurricane Michael slammed the southern US …

“No planes. No energy. When the wind stops blowing, that’s the end of your electric. Let’s hurry. Darling? Darling is the wind blowing today? I’d like to watch television, darling.”

President Trump – speech to CPAC 2019

Congratulations President Trump on yet another historic milestone: the first world leader to tell the truth about renewable energy – that it’s nothing more than an expensive joke.

Trump, as we know, has a gift for making complicated issues very, very simple.

On the subject of wind turbines – aka bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes – for example, he could have talked about the facts that they are only economically viable with hefty taxpayer subsidies; or about the damage to humans and livestock caused by their low frequency noise; or the environmental destruction wrought during their manufacture by the mining in China of rare earth minerals; or their visual blight; or their downward pressure on property values; or the people they drive into fuel poverty; or the economic costs of promoting a power source which is inefficient, intermittent, hugely expensive; and so on…

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Trump to Repeal and Replace Obama’s ‘Stupid’ and ‘Job Killing’ Clean Power Plan

Trump Obama
Chip Somodevilla/Getty/AFP

President Trump is to take his first step towards scrapping President Obama’s “stupid” and “job killing” Clean Power Plan, an aghast New York Times reports.

The Trump administration will repeal the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s effort to fight climate change, and will ask the public to recommend ways it could be replaced, according to an internal Environmental Protection Agency document.

The draft proposal represents the administration’s first substantive step toward rolling back the plan, which was designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector, after months of presidential tweets and condemnations of Mr. Obama’s efforts to reduce climate-warming pollution.

But it also lays the groundwork for new, presumably weaker, regulations by asking for the public and industry to offer ideas for a replacement.

In 2016, when it launched the plan at Obama’s behest, the EPA declared that the Clean Power Plan was a vital, cost-effective way of combating climate change which would ultimately benefit the U.S. consumer.

However, an independent study by the Manhattan Institute showed this to be nonsense.

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