Greenpeace’s Ocean Plastic Pollution Scare – the Biggest Lie of 2018

Activists hold a banner reading 'No peace without climate justice' in front of a giant polar beer puppet called Aurora by environmental organization Greenpeace during a demonstration at the venue of the COP21 United Nations climate change conference in Le Bourget, on the outskirts of Paris, on December 11, 2015.

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The biggest environmental scare story of 2018 was plastic pollution in the oceans. (It was also, as we shall see – spoiler alert – the year’s biggest lie…)

From BBC’s Blue Planet II to a special issue of National Geographic to a crusading campaign by the Daily Mail to CNN, the story was rarely out of the media. Celebrities from Chris Hemsworth to Cara Delevinge leapt on to the virtue signalling bandwagon. So did politicians such as UK Secretary of the State for the Environment Michael Gove and the European Parliament and US Congress, all announcing new legislation to deal with this alleged scourge.

Suddenly, plastic drinking straws became public enemy number one. No enlightened member of the chatterati could sip a cocktail ever again without pangs of guilt. Nor could they even clean their ears without a shiver of horror at the thought that today’s waxy cotton bud might be tomorrow’s obstruction in the nostril of a baby sea turtle.

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