‘Trump’s Space Force’ – Bigliest Adventure in the History of Comics

Trump's Space Force cover art
Trump Space Force

One of the more noticeable differences between the modern right and the modern left is that while their side hates, our side laughs. And in creative endeavours like comic books, we create while they tend to destroy — both the characters we grew up loving and the sales of the books themselves.
As Exhibit A let me present Trump’s Space Force — the comic book version of the real thing, now entering its final week of fundraising at Indiegogo.

It has already exceeded its $15,000 launch target by 357 percent, but my bet is that you’ll still want to donate for at least a couple of reasons.

One: This is quality.

It’s scripted by comics legend Chuck Dixon (the creator of Bane), with art by Timothy Lim (Thump: the First Bundred Days) and colors by Brett Smith (Clinton Cash Graphic Novel). And the high concept is just perfect: it’s like a mash-up of AliensIndependence Day and Starship Troopers with a bit of anime  (RobotechStar Blazers) and features all your favorite characters from the Magaverse (Scott Adams; Sebastian Gorka; and, obviously, the Donald…) wiping out aliens and Making Space Great Again.

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NASA’s Jim Bridenstine Has Badly Let Down President Trump on ‘Climate Change’

AP/Sue Ogrocki

NASA’s new administrator Jim Bridenstine has done his president a grave disservice.
Perhaps he thinks he has just been politic – canny even – by publicly reversing his stated position on man-made climate change and declaring himself a true believer.

“I heard a lot of experts, and I read a lot,” was the excuse he recently gave to the Washington Post.

He added:

 “I came to the conclusion myself that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that we’ve put a lot of it into the atmosphere and therefore we have contributed to the global warming that we’ve seen. And we’ve done it in really significant ways.”

But this was an unforced error which has needlessly hampered the Trump administration’s war on the Climate Industrial Complex.

It’s the kind of cynical positioning you might have expected from a RINO swamp appointee in either of the Bush administrations. But it’s entirely inappropriate in the Trump era: there’s a war to be fought here and there’s really no space for fainthearts – not even when those fainthearts are Republican ex-congressmen with a distinguished past as US Navy fliers.

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Trump Appoints Conservative Ex-Navy Flier to Run NASA; Liberal Heads Explode

Jim Bridenstine
AP/Sue Ogrock

The next head of NASA is likely to be an ex-Navy fighter pilot turned Republican congressman who believes strongly in space exploration but is skeptical about man-made climate change.

What’s not to like about about Trump’s nomination of Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Oklahoma) for the job of NASA’s administrator?

Everything, if you’re a liberal.

According to New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi, Trump just blew the perfect chance to change his “presidency from the chaotic mess of threats, bitterness and bilious paranoia to one of rationality and reasonableness.”

Apparently, the job should have gone to a fully-fledged climate alarmist.

There is no denying that our weather is getting more severe, that the oceans are rising, the Arctic ice is melting and hurricanes are wreaking ever-more havoc each time one pummels another part of the country.

Harvey has officially brought the most destructive rainfall in our nation’s history — more than 51 inches in some areas of Houston. As many as 42,399 humans are in shelters.

Yet in the face of all this, you, Mr. President, have chosen to nominate a climate change-denying partisan politician, Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine, to head NASA. How can you even think of such a man.

As this planet heats up, we have to look to space. That won’t be done if the man heading NASA denies the science and looks down on the truth of what’s happening in our atmosphere.

It would be nice to dismiss this as the merely the deranged frothings of a rent-an-opinion, left-wing columnist who has bizarrely chosen to borrow her surname from that of the secret police in former Communist East Germany. Unfortunately, she’s by no means the exception. Most liberals think as she does.

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