UK Energy Minister: ‘Britain Must Commit Zero Carbon Suicide’

The Government believe we will need to take the step of enshrining the Paris goal of net zero emissions in UK law—the question is not whether, but how we do it.

Does the Energy Minister have a clue what a “zero emissions” economy would look like?

Clearly not or she wouldn’t be talking such virtue-signalling drivel. But to help her along, I suggest she imagines North Korea’s economy only without the abundance and vibrant free market dynamism. Or maybe, better still, a dead whale lying, rotting, on a beach.

A “zero emissions” economy is, almost by definition, an economy in which nothing is produced. That’s because carbon-dioxide is the by-product of pretty much every industrial process. Yes, it is possible to generate energy from “carbon-neutral” technologies such as nuclear and renewables (solar, wind, etc). But the first has been rendered almost prohibitively expensive by impossible safety standards and the latter are so unreliable  they need constant back up from fossil fuels.

That’s why in practical terms, no, a zero emissions economy isn’t remotely credible either now or in the foreseeable future. Currently – as Paul Homewood notes – coal, oil and gas account for 84 per cent of Britain’s total energy consumption while wind, solar and hydro provide just 2 per cent.

You’d think someone with the job of Energy Secretary would know this.

Unfortunately, what appears to be going on here is a stitch-up organised by the more lunatic green fringe in parliament, led by failed Labour Prime Ministerial candidate Ed Miliband.

Here’s the clue from Hansard: (the man speaking is Ed Miliband)

Read the rest at Breitbart.

Unless the Conservatives Come Clean about the Energy Mess They Created, They Will Never Deserve Our Vote

‘Ceci n’est pas un husky.’

Just how stupid does Lynton Crosby think we are?

Very, very, VERY stupid, I’m guessing. And perhaps he’s right. As part of his ongoing campaign to make the Conservatives more electable, he’s inviting us to experience the biggest outbreak of collective amnesia since Odysseus and his crew visited the Land of the Lotus Eaters. He wants us to forget the huskies. And the melting glaciers. And Dave’s announcement from Greenpeace’s HQ, no less that he was going to lead “the greenest government ever”. And to tell ourselves that all these unpopular wind and solar farms, all these rocketing energy prices have nothing whatsoever to do with husky-hugging Dave, leader of the greenest government ever, but with someone else entirely.

Richard North smells a rat here.

I do too. Lots of rats, actually.

Here’s one rat. (Actually, he reminds me more of a neutered poodle). His name is Greg Barker and here he is pretending to feel our pain about all the wind farms blighting our countryside. He’s dressing it up as a mea culpa: Energy Minister admits that some wind farms have been put in “the wrong place.” But it is nothing of the kind. It is part of the Conservatives’ cynical strategy to try to railroad through its offshore wind farms by trying to sell them to a gullible public as a preferable alternative to onshore wind.

And we’re supposed to be grateful for this? Isn’t this a bit like being told by the army besieging your City: “Hey, trapped citizens. Great news! We’ve taken note of your objection that, once you’ve let us through the gates, we’re going to impale every man, woman and child on hot spikes. So instead we’re going to chop your heads off.”

The disastrous Navitus Bay and Atlantic Array offshore projects the ones which will ruin the Dorset coast and utterly devastate the setting of Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel, after all, will require far more taxpayer subsidy (200 per cent, as opposed to 100 per cent) for their useless, intermittent, unreliable, bird-killing, bat-chomping, view-blighting, peace-disturbing, sleep-destroying energy than any onshore wind farms. (Sorry: I can’t bring myself to care about the project off Brighton. It’s God’s punishment for voting Green).

The new deal with the French and the Chinese to build a nuclear power station at Hinckley Point so iniquitous and wrong that even George Monbiot realises it’s a bad idea is another case in point. It’s as terrible as those disastrous PFI hospitals that were inflicted on us in the Blair era: inept government negotiators and greedy corporatists stitching up the market in way that is entirely beyond the consumer’s control. How, in all conscience, can the Coalition express concern about energy prices while simultaneously boasting about their success in striking a deal (for antediluvian technology) which is going to drive them sky high. As Peter Glover says here mini-nukes would have made far more sense.

Or consider the 2008 Climate Change Act, against which only five MPs voted against. The rest including David Cameron were apparently all for introducing the most expensive and pointless legislation in British parliamentary history, guaranteed to cost the taxpayer £18.3 billion a year in needless expenditure (on dubious technologies like carbon capture; and, of course, on wind turbines) till 2050. Yes Ed Miliband may ushered it in as Secretary of State for Energy And Climate Change. But it’s not as if anyone on the Conservative benches save Peter Lilley, Christopher Chope and Andrew Tyrie opposed it.

We have two years until the next General Election and what is already clear as a result of Ed Miliband’s price freeze bribe is that energy prices are going to become a major issue. The only party that has a leg to stand on energy is UKIP, which has consistently noted the flaws in the supposed IPCC consensus and the economic and socio-political dangers of the drive towards unreliable, expensive renewables and the failure to exploit our vast shale gas reserves.

What will be fascinating is to observe how Cameron and co attempt to wriggle out of a mess almost entirely of their own making. There was no need to embrace all that greenery in the way that did. (Whatever Sam Cam may have whispered in Dave’s ear). And God knows, it’s not as though they haven’t had enough opportunities in the last three years to readjust their policies in the light of events. Scarcely a week goes by these days without the Global Warming Policy Foundation presenting such irrefutable evidence from around the world of the disasters being wrought by bad energy policy, and of the decreasing credibility of Man-Made Global Warming Theory. The Conservatives’ ongoing failure in this regard ought to be the single best recruiting sergeant UKIP has.

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  1. autolycus3 says:28th October 2013 at 10:06 am“The choice is no longer between global warming catastrophe and economic growth but between economic catastrophe and climate sense”Professor Fritz Vahrenholt is one of the fathers of Germany’s environmental movement and the director of RWE Innogy, one of Europe’s largest renewable energy companies

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Is this the most dangerous man in Britain? | James Delingpole

May 16, 2010

Huhne, shortly after being hit by a falling acorn

Huhne, shortly after being hit by a falling acorn

Remember those innocent days when we used to worry about whose finger was on the nuclear trigger?

Well much more dangerous now, I’m afraid, is the man with his finger on the nuclear off-button.

His name’s Chris “Chicken Licken” Huhne and unfortunately he’s Britain’s new Secretary of the Environment and Climate Change.

You can quite understand the rationale behind his appointment. “All right, so everyone loathes him so we won’t give him a Cabinet seat. But if we don’t give him a purpose he might grow even more unpleasant, so let’s give him the Eco job, where he can throw his weight around and show how much both our parties are united on Climate Change.”

Problem is, the destructive power Cameron and Clegg have put in Chicken Licken’s terrifying claws is far greater than either understands. Huhne now has the ability to bring the British economy to a standstill with his fanatical pursuit of CO2 reduction targets and his equally fanatical opposition to the one form of CO2 free power production that actually works – nuclear.

To those of you who think this is just the ranting of a right-wing AGW-denying headbanger, listen to the wise words of Philip Stott, emeritus professor of biogeography, and avowed socialist:

The lamentable fact that David Cameron has appointed Chris Huhne , Liberal Democrat MP for Eastleigh, Hampshire, as the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, underscores one’s profoundest fears that our leading politicians have still still not grasped, despite all the red flag warnings, the depth and urgency of the UK energy crisis. This, after all, is the man who is avowedly opposed to the development of a new generation of nuclear powers stations, who believes that we can fill our looming energy gap with wave, wind, and waffle, and who is totally uncritical of the ‘global warming’ message.

Or listen, if you prefer, to our own Rowena Mason:

However, there remains a sizeable threat that the Liberals could force a time-consuming and costly public inquiry that delays the new build. The idea that Chris Huhne will have to formulate regulatory policy and set out a timetable for nuclear is likely to be a considerable worry. Most destabilising is the fact that policy will probably not be clear for some time, for Mr Huhne is going to have to square his Department’s theoretical support for nuclear with his own views (in a previous speech on energy) that:

“No private sector investor has built a nuclear power station anywhere in the world without lashings of government subsidy since Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. The World Bank refuses to lend on nuclear projects because of the long history of overruns. Our message is clear, No to nuclear, as it is not a short cut, but a dead end.”

It would be nice to put this disastrous appointment down to mere oversight on Cameron’s part. Unfortunately, this upsetting video suggests very much otherwise. Huhn’s department was one of the first to be visited by the new prime minister, who used the occasion to declare his ambition to build the “greenest government ever.”

Great. So the twin pillars of the Lib Cons’ grand plan for economic recovery are:

1. Stifle entrepreneurship and drive the brightest and best abroad by raising taxes.

2. Deny industry the cheap and reliable energy sources it needs because – without a single piece of solid scientific evidence to back up your theory – you have decided to buy into the hysteria-fuelled myth that CO2 is dangerous.

Clearly there is going to be much suffering ahead. But at least it might be bearable if we knew it was being done as part of a coherent plan to restore Britain’s economic fortunes. The pursuit of a low-carbon economy will do the exact opposite of this.

If I were an investor in Britain Plc, I’d start selling now.

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