Delingpole: The Meghan Effect – ‘Woke’ Younger Royals Snub Donald Trump

Clive Mason/Getty

The Prince of Wales, Prince William, and the younger royals all deliberately snubbed President Donald J. Trump on his visit to the UK, the Sunday Times reports. I blame the Meghan effect.

Of course we can’t hold the arrival into the Royal household of a pretty actress who used to be in Suits wholly responsible for this outbreak of crass, thick, petulant behaviour: as we know, the Prince of Wales is more than capable of that without much prompting; and in Will’s case, the acorn doesn’t look as if it has fallen too far from the tree.

Still, I’m blaming Meghan Markle mainly.

The appearance on the scene of a fully-fledged Hollywood Social Justice Warrior with almost the glamour of Princess Diana and definitely the pushiness of Wallace Simpson seems to have deluded the younger royals into thinking that their job is to be sexy and modern and on trend with all the modish ‘woke’ attitudes.

And it really, really isn’t.

Their job is to do what the Queen does so well – as she demonstrated again over the weekend with Donald Trump.

This job is to be dignified, uncontroversial, slightly old-fashioned – and, above all, dutiful.

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