Damp Squib Irma Spares Mar-a-Lago; Wreaks Havoc on Climate Chicken Littles

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Irma is now officially the most disastrous hurricane in the history of the world…
…But only if you’re a radical Muslim or a climate alarmist or you work in the construction industry.

For the last week, all the usual suspects from green hedgefunder Tom “rhymes with liar” Steyer to anti-capitalist disaster harpie Naomi Klein – plus their de facto allies in Islamic State – have been wetting their knickers with excitement at the prospect of a biblical inundation to rival Noah’s flood.

Instead the worst possible thing happened.

Not only did Irma fail to destroy nearly as many Trump-voting Floridian homes and businesses as they had hoped; but it left the mother of all targets – Mar-a-Lago – without virtually a scratch.

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The Endocrine-Disruptors Scare


The background: As the manufactured global-warming “crisis” runs out of steam, the environmental movement is experiencing severe donor fatigue, so the greenies have begun seeking out new theaters in which to continue their campaign to bring about the end of Western industrial civilization. The latest target is agriculture. This campaign is big and well coordinated. Around 500 activist organizations in the U.S. will in 2014 be spending up to $5 billion targeting the agriculture industry, with potentially devastating effect on the American economy Below we tell the story of one strand of this campaign: how a kooky Mother Jones–feted young professor from UC Berkeley used bogus science and a plausible, engaging manner to help destroy an industry worth billions.

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