Remoaner Lord Adonis – ‘Ban Brexiteers from Holding Public Office’

Lord Andrew Adonis, former Transport Secretary and a leader of the campaign 'Brexit is not a Done Deal', gestures as he speaks at The Clubhouse in central London on February 9, 2018. The main campaign groups who would like to see the UK remain in the European Union came together …

Lord Adonis — former Minister of State for Education under Tony Blair — has issued a new fatwa on Brexit: those responsible must be investigated by public inquiry and banned from holding political office ever again.

So let’s just get this clear. In June 2016, 17.4 million people voted for Brexit — more people than have ever voted for any cause in British history — but that democratic decision is not good enough for Lord Adonis who now thinks it must be stopped.

Not only does he think it must be stopped but he also thinks ‘those directly responsible’ — presumably the most politically senior Brexit campaigners like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove — should be investigated by a public inquiry whose outcome Lord Adonis has already predetermined: they must never hold office again.

But why should the public be forced to pay for an inquiry whose purpose was to punish those politicians who most closely represented them?

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